The Race Heats Up: ₦80 Million left in iLOTBET's AFCON Prediction Game - Will YOU Win the Grand Prize?

The Race Heats Up: ₦80 Million left in iLOTBET's AFCON Prediction Game - Will YOU Win the Grand Prize?

The roar of the crowd is deafening, the goals are flying in, and the 2024 AFCON is reaching its electrifying climax! But amidst the on-field drama, there's another battle unfolding - one where football knowledge meets big-time rewards in iLOTBET exhilarating prediction game.

From ₦100 Million to ₦80 Million: The Thrill Continues!

Remember the initial ₦100 million prize pool that ignited the AFCON frenzy? The Bracket Bonanza and Predict the Last 16 stages have already crowned their champions, distributing ₦20 million and leaving a tantalizing ₦80 MILLION still up for grabs!

But wait, there's more! The race for the sleek JAC JF2 car is still neck-and-neck, with the lucky winner yet to be crowned. Imagine cruising through the streets in your own AFCON trophy - the ultimate bragging right for any football fanatic!

Predict Your Way to Glory:

Here's how you can claim your share of the remaining ₦80 million and potentially drive away in the coveted JAC JF2:

  • Quarter-Final Quintuple (₦10 Million): Can you sense the pulse of the mighty eight? Predict the remaining teams accurately, and you could be splitting 10 million naira with fellow football clairvoyants.

  • Semi-Final Showdown (₦20 Million): Anticipate the Last 4 like a seasoned pundit. Nail your predictions, and you'll be in the running to share 20 million naira with the top 20% of predictors.

  • Champion's Coronation (₦50 Million): Predict the ultimate AFCON champion, raise your glass to a share of the 50 million naira jackpot, and become a legend among your football friends!

Don't Forget the Daily iPhone Blitz!

While the grand prizes are enough to make your heart race, iLOTBET's AFCON Prediction Game is a treasure trove of rewards. iPhones are flying off the shelves, with a new winner crowned every Friday! Simply complete daily betting tasks, collect draw codes, and be in the running to become the next iPhone champion.

Join the Party! It's Easy:

  1. Register or log in to iLOTBET using your mobile number. It's quick and free!

  2. Head to the "AFCON Prediction" game before the deadlines for each stage. Don't miss out on the fun!

  3. Channel your inner football oracle and make your predictions. Unleash your tactical genius, and let your passion for the beautiful game guide you!

  4. Sit back, relax, and watch the action unfold. The closer you are to predicting the champions and the tournament's course, the closer you get to that sweet, sweet prize money (and maybe that brand new car)!

Don't Miss Out! Sign Up Today!

With ₦80 million and a luxurious JAC JF2 still up for grabs, your winning moment awaits! Don't let this be the AFCON you watch from the sidelines. Join the prediction frenzy, test your footballing IQ, and stand a chance to win big! Sign up today, make your predictions count, and let the footballing fiesta continue!

Remember, the clock is ticking! Join iLOTBET's AFCON Prediction Game now and claim your share of the glory (and maybe even a brand new car) before it's too late!


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