Samsung Launches Note 8 Upgrade Program Aimed At iPhone Users

Samsung Launches Note 8 Upgrade Program Aimed At iPhone Users

It is no secret that Samsung and Apple don't really get along, and as if the recent ad that Samsung launched targeting Apple wasn't enough, the company is now actively trying to lure iPhone users away from Apple's ecosystem and perhaps consider a Samsung, thanks to a newly launched upgrade program.

The program appears to be limited to South Korea only for now, but basically it offers iPhone users to rent a Galaxy Note 8 handset and see if they like it. The program will kick off from the 21st to the 27th of November, and it appears to be only limited to 10,000 participants. Those who are interested can sign up online and wait to be chosen.

Once a user has been selected, they will then have to pay around $45 in a participation fee as well as a deposit towards the Note 8 in its full price. Assuming that they do enjoy the Note 8 and would love to keep it, they'll just have to pay the difference. As a bonus, Samsung Korea will also be giving those taking part in the program and who choose to upgrade a JBL Bluetooth speaker, display damage insurance for free, and discounts on other accessories.

For those who don't want to continue using the phone, they're free to return it and get their deposit back, minus the participation fee. We're not sure if this is tempting enough to lure iPhone customers over, but we suppose it can't hurt to try.


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