After July, God Will Reshuffle Nigeria - Prophet Samuel

Prophet I.O. Samuel

It is no longer news that the country is presently going through hard times regarding the economy as the cost of living continues to be on the increase and unbearable every day.

However, a revered cleric, who has been performing signs and wonder in the Lord's vineyard for many years, Prophet I.O Samuel, has reassured Nigerians to calm down, saying God has revealed to him that after this month, He (God) will reshuffle the nation.

He said this while addressing his congregation last Sunday.

The cleric warned of the possible dire consequences of the present state of the nation, asking the current political office-holders to retrace their steps and engender good governance before it's too late.

"Today, someone told me that many people will not come to church, suggesting we should ask people to stay at home but I said when I get there, the people that are there are the ones that God has blessed. I asked why should we tell people to stay at home, they said there is no fuel but I responded that, there is no fuel but there is fire on the altar."

He said further, "Some of our brothers are on the queues because they want to be in church, but they couldn't. You voted Labour Party in Nigeria, but Labour Party won in UK, is that not a miracle? We are now in your leading party where everyone is smiling and crying. Every weekend, they will hoard fuel so that you people will not go and serve God."

While revealing what God told him, the Prophet said: "After this month, God will reshuffle our nation. This prophecy is the most parable prophecy I will say in my lifetime. After this month, Nigeria will be reshuffled. As we are watching other nations and scared of their revolution, our own will be too raw and automatic. People are begging the system and the system does not listen. Very soon, the system will beg the masses and the masses too will not listen. The masses will bring the system on its kneels, thou says the Lord of host."

Buttressing the prophecy, he added: "I have never made a mistake about prophecy. This is not EndSARS protest, the EndSARS was a child's play. This is 'Supernatural SARS'. This prophecy will be neglected because they will think it is one of the random pastors talking for popularity."

"A sleeping giant angel just openned his eyes. You need to be careful, God is not happy with us in this country and He will show us that He is frowning. The innocent are dying and God is not happy about it. We have been begging our leaders to form a two-party system because that is what will save Nigeria. If Nigeria fails to form a two party system, even after I leave this world, the country will continue rotating in one place and other neighbouring countries will be growing and our giant nation will remain stagnant," he warned.

While emphasising on the need for both the government and the people to take the prophecy serious, he also made reference to the prophecy God revealed to him about England, saying: "There was a prophecy I gave about England. It was a big proverb and nobody understood it. I said, I saw sabotage in the leadership and it will be too late before they knew. That was the prophecy of the New Year. Nobody understood my prophecy and it has come to pass. I saw a Prime Minister saying 'I take responsibility for my failure'. And indeed, it has come to pass."

Prophet Samuel also shared a prophecy about the Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, Peter Obi, recalling that, "I told him, Peter Obi, don't run because if you do, the crowd will follow you because if you run, it will be too late because he has the flag but the flag was not complete with the last green. It was only the green and white but without the last green."


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