Hamas Denies Agreeing to Hostage Deal Without Full Ceasefire

A Hamas source has refuted claims that the group has agreed in principle to a hostage deal that does not guarantee a "comprehensive ceasefire" with Israel. The Hamas official stressed that the group's fundamental demand is "a complete withdrawal from the Gaza Strip" in addition to a full ceasefire.

Hamas Denies Agreeing to Hostage Deal Without Full Ceasefire

According to the source, reports about Hamas accepting a deal that does not ensure a permanent end to the conflict are inaccurate. The group remains firm in its position that it will not agree to any arrangement without a complete ceasefire and Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

Israel continues to insist that it will not end the war in Gaza until all of its objectives are met, including the destruction of Hamas as a military and governing authority, as well as the return of all 120 hostages still held in the enclave.

Talks are scheduled to continue in Doha tomorrow and in Cairo on Thursday, with Mossad chief David Barnea set to meet with his US and Egyptian counterparts, along with the Qatari prime minister.

While the source acknowledged "agreement on many of the outstanding points," they alleged that Israel is only interested in discussing the release of security prisoners, while Hamas wants "comprehensive negotiations" to reach a lasting peace agreement.


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