Russian warships touched down in Libyan naval base

Russian warships touched down in Libyan naval base

A couple of Russian warships recently touched down at the Tobruk naval base in eastern Libya for a courtesy visit. The visit was commemorated on Sunday via a ceremony put together by the Libyans to welcome the Russia's partnership. This is part of Russia's broader plan to expand its influence in Africa, a move that seems to be making the West a tad more weary.

A report by the Arab Weekly showed that 2 Russian warships, the cruiser Varyag and the frigate Admiral Shaposhnikov, arrived at the Libyan naval base; Tobruk, as relayed via the Naval Forces General Staff.

The Russian warships were welcomed and pleasantries were exchanged during a reception, according to the pro-Haftar General Staff Facebook page.

The visit aligns with Russia's goal to strengthen its relationships and influence with African countries. Both sides via this exercise would begin cooperating in the areas of training, maintenance, technical, and logistical support.

Furthermore, both sides hope to facilitate the sharing of expertise and information, as well as enhance collaboration in marine security.

"In the face of growing Russian influence, the United States and the European Union have tried during the past two years to win over Haftar," the Arab Weekly report reads.

"There were successive visits by European officials to Benghazi. On two recent occasions, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also offered economic and security contracts and deals in exchange for Haftar's pledge to cooperate in stopping the flow of migrants towards Europe," it adds.

Observers and analysts continue to weigh in on Moscow's desire to expand into Africa, particularly given the growing concerns in Europe regarding how such an expansion might affect their interests. Some have also issued warnings about how serious the situation could become.

Some footage was made public by local Libyan media last week, showing the arrival of a fifth group of Russian troops at the Hariga port in Tobruk, on the country's east side, along with military supplies such as weapons, ammunition, and military trucks to form the Russian African Legion.


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