Frodd's wife recounts how she was body-shamed by sister while pregnant

Frodd's wife recounts how she was body-shamed by sister while pregnant

Reality star Frodd's wife, Chioma, has shared her experience of being body-shamed by her own sister during her pregnancy.

In an emotional interview with Maria Chike on her podcast, Mums Next Door, Chioma revealed that her sister's comments left her feeling self-conscious and vulnerable.

frodd's wife body-shamed sister pregnant

Her sister had criticized her body, labeling it as 'water body' and advising her to drastically reduce her food intake.

Chioma confessed that those harsh words had a lasting impact, leading her to make a promise to herself that she vowed to keep.

She also opened up about her struggles with postpartum depression, admitting that after giving birth, she felt overwhelmed, isolated, and struggled to bond with her newborn baby.

Chioma said:

"I have been body shamed before and that's was when I was pregnant. It was a personal stuff between me and my elder sister.

I think it is important we talk about it because I hated it.

My sister told me that I had water body (someone who can get fat easily) so I should watch whatever I am eating. She said I would have a big bum and would blow very soon.

Because of those things she said I promised to show her Shege, that I would give birth and not be fat.

After I gave birth, I wanted to be on my own, I was always crying and found it difficult to bond with my baby".

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