God punish you - All the 9-point attack from Victor Osimhen against resigned Super Eagles coach Finidi George

God punish you - All the 9-point attack from Victor Osimhen against resigned Super Eagles coach Finidi George

Victor Osimhen blasted Super Eagle Finidi George over comments reportedly attributed to the Nigeria coach in an over 10-minute rant on Instagram LIVE.

Napoli star Victor Osimhen is no stranger to passion and commitment, particularly when it comes to his Nigerian national team, Super Eagles, duties.

However, his latest outburst, unleashed in a scathing 10-minute Instagram Live session, has sent shockwaves beyond the Nigerian football community.

Victor Osimhen vs Finidi George

[ul][li]'How Many Messages?'[/li][/ul]

The root of Osimhen's anger lies in alleged comments made by recently resigned Super Eagles coach Finidi George, who reportedly claimed he wouldn't beg the striker to play for the national team.

This came after Osimhen's absence from Nigeria's 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches against South Africa and Benin Republic due to injury.

Victor Osimhen scored 15 goals in the Serie A last season for Napoli.

"Should I show you the message I sent to our doctor when I asked him if after 10 days I would be okay and fit for the WCQ for Nigeria even if I missed the first match (vs South Africa)? Now you (Finidi) came to the press conference to tell me - how many messages when you were appointed - what did I say to you? I sent you messages to say congratulations and let's achieve great things together."

[ul][li]'I've Lost All Respect for That Man'[/li][/ul]

A visibly enraged Osimhen did not hold back, tearing into Finidi as he recounted their past interactions.

Victor Osimhen during his explosive IG live rant.

"I have lost the respect I have for that man, I have lost it - I swear to God, I have lost it," he fumed, accusing the former coach who dismissed his requests to join the national team camp during his injury layoff.

[ul][li]'Don't Involve Me'[/li][/ul]

Osimhen made it clear that he would not accept being scapegoated for the national team's poor results in his absence.

Finidi George, former Super Eagles coach won just one of four matches.

Nigeria's Super Eagles were held by South Africa in Uyo before a shock 2-1 defeat to Benin Republic in Ivory Coast in Finidi's two official matches and Osimhen is not ready to be a scapegoat.

"Man, if you have to put the blame, put blame on the people in that WCQ (with you) not me (Osimhen). Don't involve me. he declared.

[ul][li]'Can't Beg What?'[/li][/ul]

Osimhen continued to be furious over the claim attributed to Finidi that he won't beg him to play for Nigeria.

Finidi Geroge allegedly said he won't beg Osimhen to play for Nigeria.

The Napoli striker was particularly incensed by Finidi's alleged assertion and what it meant to his reputation.

"I will not allow one person to tell me that you can't beg Osimhen to come and play for the Super Eagles. Can't beg what? What do you mean by you can't beg?" he fumed.

[ul][li]'I Have It All Recorded'[/li][/ul]

Osimhen vowed to expose Finidi's alleged lies about their conversations after he was confirmed a doubt for the matches.

Determined to set the record straight, Osimhen revealed that he has documented his interactions with Finidi, including messages he sent the coach.

God punish you - All the 9-point attack from Victor Osimhen against resigned Super Eagles coach Finidi George

"I will post that video (of his visit to the doctor and call with the Super Eagles boss)," he threatened.

[ul][li]'The Super Eagles Are Not My Father's'[/li][/ul]

Osimhen rejects the notion he's entitled to a spot on the National Team

Odion Ighalo is number 7 on the Top 10 Super Eagles all-time top scorers list

"The Super Eagles are not owned by my father. Papa Andrew is not the owner of the Super Eagles. I met Odion Ighalo there, Ighalo met Obafemi Martins, nobody owns the Super Eagles. You come and your bits."

[ul][li]'I Shouldn't Flex?'[/li][/ul]

Osimhen rages over criticism of his lifestyle during injury layoff. Of course, whilst his national teammates were struggling against South Africa, the African Footballer of the Year did not understand why his life should not continue because of an injury.

Victor Osimhen entering his private jet.

"I shouldn't flex (because of the Super Eagles)? Nobody. God punish you all talking rubbish"

[ul][li]'No Soul Can Tell Me How to Live'[/li][/ul]

Osimhen was unapologetic in a fiery rant against Finidi and critics. There was more message for everyone who felt they had something to say about his lifestyle.

Super Eagles boss Finidi George failed to deliver against South Africa and Benin republic.

"No soul in this life can tell me how to live my life," he stated.

[ul][li]'I Don't Have a Godfather'[/li][/ul]

Osimhen is adamant he won't beg anyone to play for Nigeria. In case you think the Napoli icon cares about begging anyone after his rant.

Victor Osimhen does not want to be scapegoated for Finidi George's failings.

Osimhen defiant in the explosive rant says he won't beg to be invited for Super Eagles matches as he is ready for whatever his outburst meant for his future with the three-time African champions.

"If this will make me not return to the Super Eagles, so be it. I don't have any Godfather and will not beg anyone to play, I don't do that nonsense," he stated.


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