BREAKING: I have lost respect for Finidi - Victor Osimhen blows hot in explosive 10-minute IG LIVE rant on ex-Super Eagles coach

I have lost respect for Finidi - Victor Osimhen blows hot in explosive 10-minute IG LIVE rant on ex-Super Eagles coach

Victor Osimhen missed Super Eagles two matches under former manager Finidi George.

Nigerian football superstar Victor Osimhen has launched a scathing attack on former Super Eagles head coach Finidi George, unleashing a withering tirade during an explosive Instagram Live session.

The Napoli striker, known for his passion and commitment to the Nigerian national team, did not mince words as he responded to alleged claims made by Finidi that he wouldn't beg Osimhen to play for the Super Eagles.

Osimhen and Finidi George Drama

These alleged comments from the recently resigned coach came after Osimhen's absence from Nigeria's 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches against South Africa and Benin Republic.

In a remarkable 10-minute rant, a visibly enraged Osimhen tore into Finidi, declaring that he had lost all respect for the former Super Eagles legend.

"I will post the pictures also and the screenshots I had when I spoke to Finidi George (after he was appointed) because you all believe that someone keeping quiet because he is a footballer, ogun kill anybody, any of you that believe (I didn't want to play for Nigeria)."

"You can talk nonsense. I have lost respect I have for that man (Finidi), I have lost it all. I swear to God I have lost it now because why? I called him, told him to allow me come to the camp to be with the boys, I have all these recorded, to come talk to the boys," Osimhen fumed.

The 25-year-old striker's explosive rant sheds light on the apparent breakdown in communication and trust between him and the former coaching staff, exposing the fractured relationship that may have contributed to Finidi's eventual departure.

Osimhen's impassioned outburst underscores his unwavering commitment to representing Nigeria at the highest level, and his frustration with the perceived lack of understanding from the former coaching setup.

As the fallout from Finidi's resignation continues to reverberate throughout Nigerian football, Osimhen's damning remarks have added another layer of intrigue and controversy to an already tumultuous situation.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) will undoubtedly be keen to address these issues and restore harmony within the national team setup as they search for Finidi's successor.


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