4 Simple Ways to Call a Person that has Blocked your Number


Do you need to reach someone who has blocked your phone number? Reaching out to a person who has blocked you might be challenging, even if you need to talk to them about something essential. There are still methods to get in touch with them, though. Here are some ways to call someone whose number has been blocked:

1. Hide caller ID

When phoning the person who has blocked you, you might try to conceal your identity by obscuring your caller ID. They might pick up your call as a result of this. On an iPhone, go to "Settings," choose "Phone," then "Show My Caller ID," and turn it off to hide your caller ID. Go to "Settings," choose "Call," then "Additional Settings" on an Android device, and click on "Caller ID" to select "Hide Number."

2. Dial *67

Your number will be concealed and displayed to the recipient as a private number if you dial *67 before the desired number. For instance, before calling the desired number, dial *670712345678.

3. Use a phone number generator application.

Free apps that generate random numbers can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and used to call people who are not app users. This will conceal the caller's identity from the recipient.

4. Change your phone number

If all ways fail, you can get a new phone line and call the individual who blocked you on that one.

While getting in touch with someone who has blocked your number can be difficult, these techniques can assist you.


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