"I'm the last wife" - Woman compelled to cook for husband's family of 9 sons with firewood

'I'm the last wife

Woman laments as she shares the quantity of food she had to cook when she went to spend the last festive period at her husband's family house which had 9 sons.

The woman shared that she had to be the resident chef for the entire family and had to cook large quantities of meal.

'I'm the last wife

The woman lamented the experience as she likened the cooking ordeal to a Cook-a-thon.

A social media clip that she shared showed her cooking and turning large quantities of food on the firewood.

She wrote:

"Pov: you are the last wife in d family of 9 boys. This one pass cookathon."

Read comments from netizens below:

Manuela Escoba said: "Omo I'm the 2nd wife and I use glasses. I let them know say I be blind bat right from time. If they are ready to use gas then no problem."

JoyJoel said: "Hmmm babe you are trying 0o, My hubby is also the last son which makes me the last wife, but I no dey stress myself oo."

@ngozionyema613 said: "What if I can't cook in that large qty? I guess it's because u can cook."

Favzyblossom said: "I'm the only married wife in the family of 4boys my prayer point every is make my husband siblings marry person come join."

@sa_fay said: "If I come back fr Christmas again make I know wetin cause am."

Akorfa Daniella said: "I'm the last too but married to the first born."

Watch the video below:


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