Meet The Only Man Who Was Buried In The Moon; See The Reason Why He Was Buried There


Scientists are known to conduct a wide range of experiments and research projects, both on Earth and in space. Many people have had the opportunity to walk on the moon, but only a man who goes by the name Eugene Shoemaker, has ever been buried on the moon.

The astute scientist was a geologist and one of the pioneers of planetary science. He was committed to the Lunar Ranger mission to the Moon, where the Moon had a diverse spectrum of impact craters, and he also assisted in the instruction of American astronauts.

However, he could only study the moon from afar, despite his occasional fantasies of stepping on the moon's surface. He was a candidate for an Apollo Moon voyage and the first geologist to walk on the moon at the time, but he was never chosen.

He applied to be an astronaut, but it was denied for medical concerns, and he was diagnosed with Addison's disease, which is an adrenal gland ailment.

He worked on several American space operations, including the Apollo lunar missions, and taught Apollo astronauts about craters. Shoemaker's search for buried impact craters all over the planet, which took him many years.

Unfortunately, he died in a vehicle accident. Just before his death, he disclosed that his greatest regret in life was that he could not reach the moon to strike it with his hammer.

His corpse was burned following his death, and his ashes were sent to the Moon three years later by the Lunar Prospector's space mission in a capsule. His remains was placed in a polycarbonate capsule and sent to the moon, where his birth and death dates were written on it.

Meanwhile, the space ship was deliberately crashed on the moon's surface, where Shoemaker's remains are also found. His ashes had been scattered towards the moon's south pole, making him the only person to be buried there


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