Instagram's Threads App Surpasses 100 Million Users In Just Four Days

Instagram's Threads App Surpasses 100 Million Users In Just

Instagram's text-based app Threads has surpassed 100 million sign-ups in just four days of its introduction, a stunning feat.

The app had an exceptional rise in user sign-ups from the first day. It had two million sign-ups in two hours, five million sign-ups in four hours, and an amazing 10 million registered users in seven hours.

The next morning, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, claimed that more than 30 million individuals had already signed up to try out the new programme.

Threads' growth has outperformed that of other notable consumer products, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT bot, which reached 10 million daily users in 40 days and 100 million monthly users in less than two months.

Threads has surpassed the milestone of 100 million monthly active users in its first month. The main difficulty, though, is keeping these people on the platform.

While many people are interested in Meta's new text-focused social network, certain critical functions are presently unavailable. Notably, the app does not support ActivityPub, the protocol used for decentralised network postings.

Despite the fact that Meta has recognised this and is working on it, the integration has yet to be deployed, rendering the app incompatible with the Fediverse.

Furthermore, Threads presently has a read-only web interface and does not enable post search, direct messaging, hashtags, or a "Following" feed.

Furthermore, nudity is not permitted on Instagram owing to the platform's restrictions, in contrast to another Twitter alternative called Bluesky, which takes a more permissive stance.

Despite these constraints, gaining 100 million users in such a short period of time is an outstanding achievement.

It suggests that Threads has had a huge influence and will continue to be a major participant in the social media scene.


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