The 12 greatest goals in Premier League history (Ranked)

On the back of Alejandro Garnacho's wonderstrike, we've made a list of the top 12 Premier League goals of all time...



  • Alejandro Garnacho's bicycle kick against Everton is a world-beating goal that showcases his audacity and physical prowess.

  • Wayne Rooney's acrobatic overhead kick against Manchester City is a pure moment of bedlam and one of Manchester United's best goals of the decade.

  • Pajtim Kasami's volley against Crystal Palace, reminiscent of Marco Van Basten, was a stroke of genius with chest control and a sublimely taken finish.

In a world where world-beating finishes steal the headlines, whittling down 30 years' worth of goals is an onerous task, of course. And the best part? It's all purely subjective. Some team-goal romantics will fantasise over well-worked goals with every player and the kit man involved in some respect, while others are simply in awe of a player hitting one from an outrageous range - but when all is said and done, they are all worthy of being applauded.

From rocket-like volleys to efforts that combine elite levels of IQ and physical ability, the Premier League has left little to be desired in terms of the art of goalscoring. That said, the new era of superstars has continued to provide. From all the way back in 1995 when Tony Yeboah sent shock waves around England with his thunderbolt to Manchester United's Alejandro Garnacho plucking the ball out of thin air with a bicycle kick that silenced the cauldron that is Goodison Park - we've been blessed with it all.

Overwhelmed by fantastic goals over the years, GIVEMESPORT have mustered their very own top 10 in the Premier League. Taking multiple aspects in consideration, including - but not limited to - their importance, how unique it was and how difficult it was to pick out, the list is composed of absolute beauties. What are you waiting for? Jump right in.

[th]Top 12 best Premier League goals of all time[/th]
Position Player Opposition - Date
1. Alejandro Garnacho Everton - November 26, 2023
2. Wayne Rooney Manchester City - February 12, 2011
3. Pajtim Kasami Crystal Palace - October 21, 2013
4. Tony Yeboah Liverpool - August 21, 1995
5. Paolo Di Canio Wimbledon - 26 March, 2000
6. Thierry Henry Manchester United - October 1, 2000
7. Robin van Persie Charlton - September 30, 2006
8. Paul Scholes Bradford - March 25, 2000
9. Jack Wilshere Norwich - October 19, 2013
10. David Beckham Wimbledon - August 17, 1996
11. Dennis Bergkamp Newcastle United - March 2, 2002
12. Andros Townsend Manchester City - December 22, 2018

1 Alejandro Garnacho vs Everton - November 27, 2023

Forget recency bias, this selection is purely formulated thanks to watching the Argentine's sublime finish on repeat - and believe you me, it gets even more perfect with every watch. It has all the ingredients to be crowned the best Premier League goal of all-time: the arc, the audacity, and the physical capability - it's just off the charts.

Reminiscent of Wayne Rooney's overhead effort against Manchester City, the 19-year-old rose above all to connect with Diogo Dalot's overzealous delivery and pushed his body to its full extent to produce an absolutely world-beating bicycle kick. Jubilation. Ecstasy. Relief. It's the sort of goal that makes you fall in love with football again.

2 Wayne Rooney vs Manchester City - February 12, 2011

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney scores an overhead kick against Manchester City.

Talk of the devil. One of Manchester United's greatest ever players. Producing a godly acrobatic finish. Against Manchester City. For the victory. It's the stuff of dreams if you favour the red side. Voted as the club's best goal of the decade, it will be one that will be played on repeat, prevailing the test of time.

It was simply a pure moment of bedlam produced by one of the Premier League greats as the Englishman's pinpoint attempt rifled in the upper echelon. Joe Hart left rooted. Shin or not, it still went in. And it went in emphatically at that.

3 Pajtim Kasami vs Crystal Palace - October 21, 2013

Pajtim Kasami

Those were the words of Pajtim Kasami watching his goal against Crystal Palace six years on. A Marco Van Basten-esque attempt with the Switzerland international's weaker foot was a stroke of genius from the chest control down to the sublimely taken finish. As Sascha Riether's ball dropped over his shoulder, the midfielder had it all to do he sumptuously chested it down and walloped it in the back of the net with such venom.

Selhurst Park was silenced. Apart from the away end, of course. That was sent into raptures as Kasami wheeled away in celebration, yet disbelief. Weirdly, the strike failed to pick up the Premier League Goal of the Month award, but it deserves its flowers a decade on.

4 Tony Yeboah vs Liverpool - August 21, 1995

Tony Yeboah

Tony Yeboah's thunderous ball-striking in its simplest form - there's simply no better way to put it. His blockbuster against Liverpool exceeds the regard of his one that he plundered at Wimbledon a month later - but in all honesty, both are worthy of their plaudits. As is Yeboah's innate ability to bust the net.

Backpedalling in an attempt to sort of his feet, Yeboah's laser-focused set up paid dividends as his rocket of a right foot stunned the Reds. Even by the Ghanaian's standards, this one struck the perfect combination of brilliance and power as it thundered off the upright. Hang it in the Louvre.

5 Paolo Di Canio vs Wimbledon - 26 March, 2000

Paolo di Canio 1

Paolo Di Canio produced a once-in-a-blue-moon moment back in 2000. With a Premier League career ablaze with adept finishes and overflowing skill, it had to be special to stand out - and boy, is that the truth.

Latching onto Trevor Sinclair's cross, a sublime volley ensued as Di Canio's across goal, karate-kick volley stunned the world. Neil Sullivan stood more chance of spotting a pig flying that being equal to the goal-bound effort, despite his attempts to claw at the effort that can certainly be considered a masterstroke. A finish only the elite can execute. And the charismatic Italian is among those elite.

6 Thierry Henry vs Manchester United - October 1, 2000

Thierry Henry Manchester United

You've more than likely seen this one replayed before every Arsenal - Manchester United clash and will continue to see it for as long as you can comprehend. At the height of the two of Premier League behemoths going toe-to-toe, Arsenal's saviour Thierry Henry produced a moment of magic - something that was often needed to separate the two.

The dainty flick and emphatic volley were peak Henry: potency and flair as a devastating combination. His compatriot, Fabien Barthez, had no chance and might as well have bought a ticket and watched in the stands. Supreme footballers come once every few years - ones that have the capability to score and assist. Henry, in that moment, centre stage, proved his excellence by doing both in one swift movement. Simply unforgettable.

7 Robin van Persie vs Charlton - September 30, 2006

Robin van Persie

The technical ability and explosive finishing of Robin van Persie has never really been in doubt - but when he married both together in emphatic fashion against Charlton, those in attendance were rocked to their core. Of course, given his ability, there were a plethora of goals courtesy of the Dutchman that were in with a shout, but this one triumphs them all.

The fleet-footed striker latched onto Emmanuel Eboue's teasing cross and directed it past the utterly helpless Scott Carson as he notched his second of the game. Wild celebrations followed, but who could blame him? He had just scored a goal that will forever be remembered as one of the division's greatest, no matter the following competition.

8 Paul Scholes vs Bradford - March 25, 2000


Subject to the odd scorcher, Paul Scholes produced (arguably) his finest in the fabled threads of Manchester United in March 2000. The pale-faced midfielder always had an eye for an exquisite finish, which was largely overlooked for his ability to dictate play and put 50-yard passes on six pence.

A corner courtesy of his fellow countryman Beckham looped towards the unmarked midfield maestro. The ball was so sweetly struck that the cameraman didn't know what day of the week it was as he attempted to pan to get the goal in its entirety. Through the tiniest of gaps, Scholes' effort was picture-perfect. And oh, he meant it - make no mistake about it.

9 Jack Wilshere vs Norwich - October 19, 2013

Jack Wilshere

The epitome of a well-rehearsed team goal, this one. At the peak of 'Wengerball', Jack Wilshere was on hand to finish off a sublime pass-and-move sequence from the north Londoners. The ball cluttered about like a pinball with Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud both prominent fixtures of the move.

Two delightful flicks between Giroud and the eventual goalscorer, Wilshere, left the Norwich defence twisting and turning, pondering on where to look next as the Englishman tucked the ball into the back of the net. It was like watching Barcelona at the peak of their powers. Regardless of your club allegiance, you could watch this on repeat and never tire.

10 David Beckham vs Wimbledon - August 17, 1996


August 17, 1996: the day that David Beckham etched his name into Premier League mythology. It was a goal that defined an entire genre of goals - that is ones struck within your own half. Synonymous with the making of one of England's most iconic footballers, it is a goal that is often found on the back burner in people's memories, but that doesn't stop it being as special as it was.

Goalkeeper Neil Sullivan was spotted - by Goldenballs - in no-mans-land as the Leytonstone-born ace plucked one out of his bag of tricks. The movement in the air, the ball's late descent and its authenticity to Becks' character all contribute to it being renowned as his moment. A truly iconic goal.

11 Dennis Bergkamp vs Newcastle United - March 2, 2002

Dennis Bergkamp

A goal brimming with technique, precision, and murmurs of "how on earth did he manage that?". Dennis Bergkamp's career was laced with deft touches throughout, but nothing embodied the Dutchman's twinkle-toe nature like his goal against Newcastle back in 2002.

Leaving Nikos Dabizas in the dust, his quick-thinking diverted a coolly slotted finish home and epitomised all aspects of his multi-faceted toolkit. Did he mean it? Knowing what the Iceman was capable of, of course he did - but who cares in all honesty? It's a finish that is near impossible to replicate, highlighted by the fact that one similar has not seen the light of day since.

12 Andros Townsend vs Manchester City - December 22, 2018

Andros Townsend

In a fierce encounter that was craving a shock result, up stepped Andros Townsend, who duly delivered a mind-blowing finish past a flailing Ederson. Manchester City made a total mess of the clearance and found themselves in an unlikely situation, scrambling a ball out of the danger zone. It was to no avail, however, as Bernardo Silva's wayward header landed perfectly in the vicinity of the marauding Palace forward.

First time, the Englishman struck the ball expertly with his left foot, leaving those in sky blue scratching their heads. Perhaps one that is typically underappreciated but a stunner, nonetheless. Pick that one out.


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