Choking, rainbow kiss, and other sexual practices that are extremely wild

Which of these practices do you find the wildest? [Xxhub]

Sex is an integral part of a healthy adolescent and adult life.

You'll be surprised at the lengths human beings are willing to go to derive sexual pleasure.

There are several ways humans derive sexual pleasure, and while some are common in everyday sex life, others are not so conventional.

Among the endless list of sexual fantasies, fetishes, and kinks out there, here are five that are extremely wild.

1. Rainbow kiss

This involves orally swapping menstrual blood and semen through a kiss. Basically, a male has sex with a female partner on her period, ejaculates in her mouth, then gets some blood from her vagina to mix with the cum in her mouth, after which they share a kiss with the mixture in their mouths.

It can also be achieved with the female, who is having her menstrual flow, giving the male partner a blowjob (oral sex) till he ejaculates in her mouth, then he licks her blood-stained vagina and kisses her.

2. Brown shower

This is a type of sexual stimulation involving faeces. The act usually involves one party defecating on the other party, or both parties defecating on each other for sexual pleasure.

They sometimes ingest diarrhea-inducing substances to ensure an abundance of poop.

Apart from the grossness of this act, the risk of infection may be super-high as some go as far as pooping in each other's mouths.

A similar concept to the brown shower is the golden shower. The golden shower involves the use of urine instead of poop.

3. Rainbow shower

Rainbow shower refers to a form of sexual gratification that comes from playing with vomit. Some people get sexually stimulated from being puked on - they get aroused by their sexual partner or partners vomiting on them, and may even ejaculate from being bathed.

Just like brown showers, participating partners may use substances to induce vomit.

4. Erotic asphyxiation (choking)

Erotic asphyxiation, sometimes referred to as breath play, involves the restriction of airflow in your lungs during sex or foreplay for pleasure.

People who practice breath play claim to enjoy the sensations that come with being deprived of oxygen, as it heightens their sexual arousal.

Erotic choking can turn deadly without proper precautions [Ami's Diaries]

This could take a wrong turn, as you could unintentionally injure or kill your partner while pleasurably depriving them of air.


BDSM may be the most popular of the bunch, but that doesn't make it any less wild. It encompasses the concepts of bondage, masochism, sadism, and discipline for sexual pleasure with the help of tools like whips, handcuffs, ropes, gags, and chains.

It involves a dominant party, who gets sexual pleasure from dominating ( by tying up, restraining, gagging, whipping, etc.) a submissive party. The submissive party also gets sexual gratification from being dominated.

The list of sexual kinks out there is endless. Run wild with your sexual fantasies, however, keep it safe! And most importantly, remember that your partner's consent is mandatory.


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