5 people you should never date, no matter how badly you want them

The exes of these five people are totally off-limits if you are looking for a relationship.

5 people you should never date, no matter how badly you want them

When it comes to who we should date or marry, avoid these five people because there are other options available.

Love is a choice, we are not endlessly toppling over random people and declaring love for them. No, we make conscious decisions about who we want and who we don't.

Here are five people you should never date;

1. Don't date your sibling's ex

It's strange if one of your siblings dated someone, but the relationship didn't work out and suddenly they are dating you. Your sibling might be trying to forget the person and move on, but you have made them a permanent fixture in your life and theirs. Plus, it is not even healthy for you in the long run. Would you ever trust both of them alone in a room?

2. Don't date your best friend's ex

There is no reason why you should have an unusually close relationship with your best friend's boyfriend or girlfriend. In short, you shouldn't be texting and meeting up with your best friend's boyfriend or girlfriend, as the case may be. If it so happens that you met in another context and not as a result of the relationship both of you have with your said best friend, then it's okay to date them.

3. Don't date the parents of your friend

Imagine going from being a friend to their stepmother or stepfather, that gives all the wrong vibes. It would be a nightmare if your friend's parents were having an affair with you and you were the one responsible for their family breaking apart.

4. Don't date your housemate or neighbour

5 people you should never date, no matter how badly you want them

If you are sharing rent with someone of the opposite sex, don't think of having sex or dating them. When the relationship implodes, you will have to watch them bring different men or women into the house. This same rule applies to a neighbour.

5. Don't date a married person

Beware of falling for a married man, especially if you're only looking for sex or companionship without commitment. It's easy to get caught up in the moment, but you need to resist the temptation because a Nigerian man will rarely to leave his wife for you. The wife might also find out about the affair and make it her life's mission to embarrass you.


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