The fu*k buddy manual: An ultimate guide to casual relationships

Not looking for love but just sex? Here is a guide to never catching feelings.

The fu*k buddy manual: An ultimate guide to casual relationships

A fuck buddy or casual relationship is all about sex. Both parties know that they are in it for solely mind-blowing intercourse.

If after numerous breakups, you are done with love and just looking to get down without any strings attached, then you need this guideline or else you will be catching feelings before you know it.

1. Always establish that you are ONLY interested in sex

From the very first conversation you have with them, let it begin with something mildly sexual but appropriate. Lay your cards on the table, and let them know what you are interested in just their body, not their mind or a friendship.

2. Do not spend countless hours on the phone with them

Note that a fuck buddy and friends with benefits are not the same things. A fuck buddy is not your friend.

Do not attempt to get to know them as a person or fill the loneliness in your life with your fuck buddy by calling and texting constantly. Limit the texts to only times you want to hook up with them.

3. Do not sleep over at their place for more than one night in a row

According to the manual, once it is morning, go to your house or better still never sleep over. Do not spend two nights in a row at their place. Do not start some sort of cohabitation. Before you know it, she is wearing your shirt, giving you facials and you are acting like a couple.

4. Do not cuddle all through the night

If you want to never catch feelings, do not cuddle, strip the relationship to the bare essentials, coitus, sex, intercourse - cuddling is reserved for someone you crave affection from, someone you want to love or you love.

5. Do not ever talk about hurt feelings

Once you hear things like, "I don't like what you said" know that the end of your fuck buddy relationship is over. In this arrangement, feelings don't matter, only sex. Plus, the more a person's actions hurt, the more you care about them.


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