Simple ways to initiate sex like a boss

Simple ways to initiate sex like a boss

And get what you want every single time!

A big percentage of women who voted in the poll - 60% - say they can only drop hints here and there and hope that the men won't miss the cue to give 'it' to them.

This attitude to sex can't really be faulted as women have always been taught to subdue their sexuality and rein in such tendencies.

A 24-year-old female Pulse reader says in anonymity that:

"That's how most of us were programmed to be.

"Everything in our upbringing programs us to be shy [and timid] to demand for sex."

But then, if it's what you want, you should always try and reach for it, right?

Here are steps to initiating sex and getting it every single time:

1. You don't have to be certain

There is a chance that he'll say no. And there's also the chance that he'll go with the flow. Actually, it's more likely that he will do the latter.

Guys hardly say no to sex, and all you need do is make that move. You'll be surprised that it's not as difficult as it seems.

2. Let go

Whether it's shyness, traditional beliefs, worry or fear of being curved or called a hoe, you need to let go.

Of course you don't want to appear too thirsty and all that, so you might want to stick with dropping those subtle hints here and there, but by all means, if you want it go for it.

Go ahead and shoot your shot. [Provided he's not married, engaged or in a relationship with another.]

3. Don't be too vague

Ok. While it may be difficult to demand for sex in clear terms, you still can't afford to be too unclear. You'll end up frustrated.

This is because guys don't want to read your mind or figure out difficult riddles because of knacks.

Just say what you want or let your hints be as clear as possible so they don't get lost on them.

Especially in this age where rape and sexual assault are being spoken against ever so loudly, guys are being extra cautious. So if you really want to get it, you might need to actually ask for it.

4. Don't stop at initiating

So after he gets the hint and he agrees to it, you know it doesn't end there right?

You need to carry that same energy into the act. You can't begin it and fizzle out midway through. No, babe. It does not work that way.

Make the sex worthwhile, you need to make it bang.


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