Interesting Benefits Of Kissing

Interesting Benefits Of Kissing

Kissing is an emotional act that makes two people in a relationship bond, involving the lips being married together. Even though other forms of kissing like blowing kisses in the air exists, the physical forms that are done not just between a couple but with family and friends also have a mental benefit that is good for your health.

Heightens Happy Hormones

During this act, the brain sets loose the feel good chemicals at the centre of your brain, leaving you high on happiness. Such chemicals like serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are released and reduces the stress hormones (cortisol).

Reduces Blood Pressure

Additionally to the benefits of kissing whether romantically or otherwise, be assured of a reduced blood pressure. The process of kissing makes the heart rate increase, which is linked to the way the blood vessels are dilated. This therefore increases blood flow thus the reduction of blood pressure.What a better way than taking in drugs often.

Helps with Headaches

Do you usually have that constant pounding headache? Just like the aforementioned above, with a dilated blood vessel and reduced blood pressure, the stress levels are reduced, taking away the cortisol causing the headache.

Toned Face

Need to work out your face? Kissing is the routine to go for. The face is said to have muscles and when kissing between 2-34 of those muscles are having a great workout especially when done often. With that, the face is toned up making you look ageless.

For these reasons, the next time an aunt comes running to stamp your face with a big kiss, or get a passionate kiss from a lover, remember that there are some psychological benefits to your health.


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