How to Monetize The Internet for Everyone

How to Monetize The Internet for Everyone

The 21st Century records the highest statistics of people and devices with access to the internet and people who can use the internet effectively more than other centuries. With the internet, we have a world of endless opportunities. Each passing day and new discoveries make obvious to us what opportunity is available and how to use them for pleasure or business.

The pandemic has caused a shift from the conventional use of physical spaces and meeting to run out daily activities and business to the use of the virtual spaces of our devices. People have had to rely more on the internet for business and pleasure. Thousands of people lost their jobs and with the rising cost of living in most countries and the post-pandemic precautions, there is a need to be equipped with knowledge of how to make money and diversify sources of income through the internet.

For a lot of people, monetizing the internet feels like an illusion and some other people just do not know how to start. Some others have tried and fallen into the hands of dubious people in the internet. The last set of people are struggling with monitizing the internet and are probably at the verge of giving up their online enterprises.

In this article we would be discussing the various ways of monitizing our use of the internet in easy steps.



Affiliate marketers promote the services and products of companies and get a commission for sales. Anybody with access to the internet can be an affiliate marketer.


Blogging is a way for people who are passionate about writing and consistently creating content to explore their passion and earn while at it.

First thing to do would be to decide on what niche to write on, choices ranges from health, business, tour and travel, food and many others.

Second would be to choose a platform like wordpress or blogpost and create a blogging account using a peculiar name, short and catchy is the the way to go. Design the blog using automated themes to suit your niche and name.

Finally would be to start making blog posts and engaging readers. There, you are ready to make money!


For people who enjoy sharing their thoughts and views on topics ranging from Politics, Business, Education, almost anything. Getting a podcast would be a beautiful way of getting paid for sharing your thoughts.


A lot of people are ready to have an online presence for their business and what better way to create value while monetizing the value given than to develop websites for them. Skills ranging from Design, Branding to Website development and management are in high demand these days.


With brokers like Forex Time Nigeria, you can make tons of millions trading world currencies from the comfort of your homes and they also have stock trading. Google Forex Time Nigeria to begin your journey!


Crypto traders trade coins just like Forex traders trade currencies, all from your devices. The convenience of being able to trade anywhere with an access to the internet makes it really cool!


One of my favorite things about being a freelancer would be the freedom of choosing who to offer your service to and at what rate. Freelancing offers most creatives the opportunity of trading skills like writing, design, copywriting, software development for money on well secured platforms. Chill, right?

See, there is so much to do and make money on the internet with. Now that you know how, Start!


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