4 Exciting New Features To Anticipate On Whatsapp

4 Exciting New Features To Anticipate On Whatsapp

Whatsapp has become one of the most used social media platforms and as such continues to bring cheer to its Android, iOS users with its new features.

However, when it comes to new features, WhatsApp initially tests them on beta versions; these features, even though unreleased include:

Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp is working on a new feature called "disappearing messages", that will be available in next updates.

As the name suggests, any message eligible to be "disappeared", will be automatically deleted from the chat!

How is a message eligible to be "disappeared"? At present, when the chat is marked as "disappeared" all messages will be automatically removed after a certain interval.

The user can mark the chat as "disappeared" enabling the option "Disappearing messages", in Group Info (when the feature will be available for everyone), and easily disable the it in the same way.

Hide Muted Status

WhatsApp will soon roll out the feature that not only enables users to mute status updates but hide them after doing so. The beta version is being rolled out on Android and it could soon be seen in other versions of WhatsApp too. To access the feature the user will have to click on a new button 'hide' that will be visible on top of the muted status updates section. If the user wants to restore the visibility of hidden muted status updates, he or she can do that by clicking on 'show'.

New Group Privacy

In April this year, WhatsApp had rolled out a feature called Group Privacy Settings. This helps a user stay away from getting added to unwanted WhatsApp groups. Now, according to the report, the update, New group privacy, will replace 'Nobody' with 'My contacts except'. With this change, a user will be able to select a set of contacts who won't be able to add the user to any group.

Dark Mode

One of the much-awaited features by WhatsApp users is the Dark mode. The social messaging service platform, which is working on a dark mode for the app, hasn't confirmed by when the feature will be ready. However, for users who have updated WhatsApp with the dark theme but no dark mode, there is no cause for alarm as it is still under development.


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