5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Money

5 Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Money

It is no more news that there seems to be little limits to the functionality of smartphones these days. Smartphones like the Tecno W3 leaves no excuse for overspending as the phone can easily assist in prioritizing your budget right from the time you purchase it. Here are 5 cool ways your smartphone can save you money.

Compare prices before you go on a shopping spree

The smartphone's ability to check and compare prices is one of the best ways your phone can help you to save money. Before going to your favourite shopping mall to buy anything, you'll need to consult a few apps like the Jumia One app to help you compare prices before you decide which one to go for.

Use apps to save time and money when banking

Your smartphone can also save you time and money. With apps, you can find your bank's nearest ATM when you need to withdraw cash and with this, you can avoid ATM fees.

Also, instead of wasting time and spending money to go to the nearest ATM, you can download your bank's app to do all your banking transactions.

Make calls without exhausting your credit

With an unlimited wi-fi connection, you can start making Voice Over Internet Protocol, VOIP calls and save yourself the financial burden of buying recharge cards every time. You can go about making your calls by using your mobile Whatsapp, Skype and BBM applications on your smartphone for calls. Don't believe? Try it for a week and see the wonders it does to your pocket.

Discounts on the mobile apps

Just because a lot of us access most websites via the app, a lot of organizations tend to give exclusive discounts on their mobile apps.


Cab services went smart over a decade back, and most services have their own apps to make bookings a cakewalk. With the advent of services like Uber and Taxify, however, the whole game changed. These apps bypass the conventional hailing model to create a marketplace of drivers waiting to offer rides. The unending slew of similar on-demand service apps that followed gave rise to cut-throat competition, even lower prices and excellent customer service all benefiting the end customer.

By: Laolu Oloyede


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