"This bride is not comfortable" - Groom shares intimate dance with his mother-in-law on wedding day(Video)

1 - AmbaJay

A video capturing a lovely dance moment between a groom and his mother-in-law on wedding day has generated massive reactions.

In the video shared online, the bride seemed to be uncomfortable as her mother shared intimate dance with her man.

The woman could be seen latching onto the man in an awkward hug in front of the bride.

To make the matters worse, she chose to wear a white dress for the big day.

Watch the video below:

Social media users who watched the video flooded the comment section with their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

kimduchess89 said, "I'm not the blide.. so I wouldn't know if she's comfortable or not."

chinasa_edehz said, "Ha the way the bride folded her hand ".

passyera_empire said, "Check on the bride".

loladesho said, "If she is the groom's mother, I really don't see anything wrong in their show of affection. Some mothers went through hell and back to raise their children and they just both get overwhelmed on the wedding and dance. The bride should have gone to sit down and let them enjoy their moment. But if that is the bride's mother!!!!!!!!, there is a huge problem o."


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