Biden To Netanyahu: Let Me Be Crystal Clear, If You Launch a Big Attack on Iran, You're on Your Own

According to a report by Times of Israel, President Joe Biden reportedly threatened to withdraw U.S. support for Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a significant retaliation against Iran for a missile attack in April.

Biden To Netanyahu: Let Me Be Crystal Clear, If You Launch a Big Attack on Iran, You're on Your Own

According to a New York Times report, Biden delivered a stern warning to Netanyahu during a phone call following the April 18 attack, in which hundreds of Iranian ballistic and cruise missiles were successfully thwarted.

"Let me be crystal clear... If you launch a big attack on Iran, you're on your own," Biden is quoted as telling Netanyahu, in what the Times described as a "lecture" to the Israeli leader.

The report, which cites aides present in the situation room with Biden at the time, states that Netanyahu had pushed the U.S. president hard on the need to retaliate against Iran to avoid appearing weak.

However, Biden was adamant, telling Netanyahu bluntly: "You do this, and I'm out. Take the win."

The exchange is part of a broader New York Times investigation examining Biden's mental acuity, with the confrontation with Netanyahu used to illustrate instances where the 81-year-old president appears to be sharp and decisive under pressure.

In contrast, the report portrays Biden as increasingly confused, frail and prone to mental gaffes in other situations.

The Biden administration has sought to avoid a direct military confrontation with Iran, focusing instead on diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions to curb Tehran's nuclear ambitions and regional aggression.

The president's warning to Netanyahu suggests he was willing to risk a major rift with Israel, a close U.S. ally, to prevent a potentially escalatory retaliation against Iran that could have drawn the United States into a broader conflict in the Middle East.

The revelation of Biden's tough stance towards Netanyahu comes as the U.S. and its partners continue to negotiate with Iran over reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, which Israel has staunchly opposed.


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