Meet woman who hasn't eaten food or drank water for 16 years

A 26-year-old woman identified as Muluwork Ambaw from Jimma, Ethiopia, has raised eyebrows after a video surfaced in which she claims not to have eaten any food or drunk any water for the past 16 years.

Despite this, she asserts that she is in perfect health, a claim that has left doctors and medical experts in shock.

Muluwork Ambaw, a mother of one, states that her last meal was a lentil stew when she was just ten years old. Since then, she claims she has had no appetite for either food or water.

This extraordinary assertion has drawn the attention of medical professionals and curious viewers.

"I used to live with my family, and they asked me to eat breakfast and go to school. I said I had eaten but I was pretending. I had lost my appetite for water or for any food," the woman recounted.

Meet woman who hasn't eaten food or drank water for 16 years

She has reportedly undergone numerous medical examinations in India, Qatar, and Dubai, yet none have provided an explanation for her condition.

UK-based YouTuber and Guinness World Record holder Drew Binsky recently visited Muluwork Ambaw to investigate her claims.

During his visit, Muluwork Ambaw reiterated that she has not eaten or drunk anything for the last 16 years.

She also shared that she enjoys cooking for her family, although she herself never feels the urge to eat.

"I cook as much as I want, but I have no appetite," she added.

Meet woman who hasn't eaten food or drank water for 16 years

Medical tests conducted over a three-year period reportedly revealed no food, water, or waste products in her digestive tract, indicating that she neither eats nor produces waste.

"The only reason I go to the bathroom is when I need to wash my body. I haven't used the toilet for 16 years," Muluwork said.

Despite her astonishing claims, her mental health evaluations have come back normal, further deepening the mystery surrounding her condition.

Meet woman who hasn't eaten food or drank water for 16 years

When Muluwork Ambaw became pregnant, she reportedly received glucose infusions to supplement her body's energy needs.

Unable to breastfeed due to a lack of milk production, her child was reportedly fed with artificial milk.

The woman attributes her unusual condition to divine intervention.

In her words;

"This is the work of God."

Addressing those who didn't believe her and tagged her as a fraud, she invites them to come stay with her, assuring them that they will soon see she has no need to eat or drink.

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