Lady breaks down in tears over cozy video of her boyfriend and his sister

Young Nigerian lady cannot hold back her emotions, weeps endlessly after watching a video of her boyfriend and his sister.

The siblings were captured in a video looking very friendly as they shared a couple of close moments and the brother pecked his sister's cheek.

This seemed to be the catalyst for the girlfriend who was certain that they were dating and not siblings like they claimed.

Lady breaks down in tears over cozy video of her boyfriend and his sister

She cried to her friend, who tried to reassure her that they were siblings.

See some reactions to the video

dha_ayelomis wrote: "My brother own nah to dey call me ugly upandan for house 🥹🥹😂"

only1danjuma penned: "She call me brother I call her sister too 😂"

liz_world25____ commented: "To be honest, my brothers can't kiss me on the cheeks! It's always war so him babe no fit jealous anything 🤣🤣"

thatgirlbee5 asked: "They're siblings? Oh okay."

mr_temidayo claimed: "If you happened to be your brother's girlfriend too, you would feel the same way his girlfriend is feeling.😂"

main.promise advised: "Boys normalize loving and caring for your sisters same way you do to your girlfriend it saves life and gives hope am being honest 😂😂 our single sister feels lonely and jealous when we outdo when we have our babes around 👏😂"

ann_ibe added: "Reminds me of a guy I had a crush on, he had one fine girl on he's dp I was like damn I missed. We met in person about 2years later. Turned out it was he's elder sister. My younger brother also told me he used a picture of us to press one girl like that 😂."

Watch the video here:


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