NLC vs Tinubu: Nigerian Governor Takes Decision on Payment of New Minimum Wage

NLC vs Tinubu: Nigerian Governor Takes Decision on Payment of New Minimum Wage

According to a report from report, In a move celebrated by workers in Kebbi State, Governor Nasir Idris has announced his willingness to pay whatever minimum wage is agreed upon by the federal government, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

While some governors have stated they cannot afford to pay a N62,000 minimum wage, Governor Idris has set himself apart by expressing readiness to comply with whatever amount President Tinubu's administration offers to the NLC and TUC.

Currently, the federal government has proposed a minimum wage of N62,000, but organized labor has rejected this, demanding N250,000.

Governor Idris, speaking in a morning interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), mentioned he was unaware of any meeting where governors collectively decided they couldn't afford the N62,000 minimum wage.

He emphasized his commitment to paying the agreed-upon amount.

"I was not part of the meeting, if it was even held, and I will not be among those who refuse to pay the agreed minimum wage.

As I have said in various public forums, I will pay the agreed amount, and I stand by that," Idris stated.

Governor Idris reiterated his dedication to prioritizing the welfare of Kebbi workers.

As a former unionist and a member of the negotiating committee, he assured that he will continue to advocate for better pay for Nigerian workers.

He urged both the federal government and organized labor to make compromises to reach a common, acceptable, and sustainable living wage.

Governor Idris pledged to implement the agreed sum for Kebbi workers, highlighting his ongoing commitment to their welfare.

This stance is in contrast to other governors who have claimed they cannot afford to pay the N62,000 minimum wage, regardless of any agreements reached between labor and the federal government.


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