Nigerian lady shares result of going back to her ex-boyfriend

Beautiful Nigerian lady reveals the outcome of her ex-boyfriend reaching out to her after their breakup.

She shared the video to her Tiktok account, @pacypee0, advising others to go back to their exes.

They had broken up before and he reached out to her again, asking for another chance.

Nigerian lady shares result of going back to her ex-boyfriend

She eventually succumbed to his pressure and luckily for them, they ended up getting married.

See reactions to the post below

@tracybae wrote: "Mine called, and he did more damage😥"

@Ella baby❤️❤️ said: "I no fit go back to my ex o, person wey no appreciate me e come be now wey e dey go through a lot wey i go come go back, omor never o😂"

@WIG VENDOR IN OJO LAGOS🛍️🛍️ reacted: "if you like no move on dey there the think say na your sign 🤣🤣🤣🤣"

@Candy 🍭 🍬 added: "Mine called me also and I responded, we're engaged now. He's the best man on earth😩🥺."

@her.royalty claimed: "It can only happen if neither of you are in a new relationship, willing to put the pride aside, willing stop whatever caused the fight at first,, work on the mistakes and be two normal adult in love. NO COMPLICATIONS 👍💓"

@jewellery_by_bodyheavens added: "If I don't end up marrying my present, I will just dust my most manageable ex and go back there ooo. Nothing dey street 😂😂😂, na same recycle everywhere"


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