MKO Abiola Said As Nigeria President, He Wouldn't Allow IMF And World Bank To Control Nigeria - Femi Falana

In a recent interview with Channels Television, human rights lawyer Femi Falana (SAN) highlighted an intriguing aspect of the late Chief MKO Abiola's political stance regarding Nigeria's sovereignty. Falana revealed that despite Abiola's pro-western inclinations, he staunchly opposed the interference of international financial institutions like the IMF and World Bank in Nigeria's domestic affairs. Abiola, according to Falana, famously questioned the audacity of "young men" at the IMF who sought to dictate terms to Nigeria, reflecting his strong commitment to national sovereignty.

MKO Abiola Said As Nigeria President, He Wouldn't Allow IMF And World Bank To Control Nigeria - Femi Falana

Falana juxtaposed Abiola's firm stance against external control with the current implementation of neoliberal policies in Nigeria. He argued that the current administration's adherence to these policies, allegedly dictated by international financial bodies, represents a departure from the principles Abiola stood for. Falana criticized what he termed the "religious implementation" of neoliberalism, asserting that such policies betray the mandate of June 12, a significant date in Nigeria's democratic struggle.

Central to Falana's critique is the assertion that the ongoing neoliberal agenda contradicts the fundamental aspirations of the Nigerian people, as enshrined in Section 16 of the Constitution. He stressed the importance of prioritizing the happiness and well-being of Nigerians over surrendering to external economic directives. This, he believes, is a crucial aspect of honoring the legacy and mandate of Chief MKO Abiola, whose electoral victory on June 12, 1993, symbolized a collective desire for genuine democratic governance.

Falana underscored the relevance of Abiola's principles today, advocating for a government that upholds national interests and resists external pressures that may undermine Nigeria's sovereignty. He argued that celebrating the June 12 mandate requires a commitment from the current government to pursue policies that genuinely promote the welfare and happiness of Nigerians, rather than blindly adhering to foreign-dictated economic policies.


Hear him: "What is going on now in town is the religious implementation of neoliberal policy dictated by the IMF and World Bank. Whereas, Chief MKO Abiola (in spite of his pro-western position) had made the point that, as president of Nigeria, he would not allow the IMF and the World Bank to control Nigeria. In fact, in his characteristic style, he did say, Who are these young men running the IMF to tell us what to do in our country? I think for us to celebrate the June 12 mandate, the government in power pose it a duty to promote the happiness of the Nigerian people in line with Section 16 of the Constitution."


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