Lady reveals what it means for a single lady to stay alone

Lady reveals what it means for a single lady to stay alone

A Nigerian lady has sparked controversy on social media with her views on single ladies who choose to live independently.

The young woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, expressed her opinion that ladies who live alone are not responsible individuals.

She asserted that such ladies take advantage of their newfound freedom away from their parents' house to engage in activities without accountability

Lady reveals what it means for a single lady to stay alone

The video, which has garnered attention online, captures the lady elaborating on her stance.

She suggests that single ladies should either continue living with their parents or, in the absence of parental figures, reside with a relative.

According to her, this living arrangement ensures a level of supervision and guidance that she believes single ladies require.

The lady went on to allege that men are less likely to take ladies who live alone seriously.

She claims that there is a prevailing assumption among men that single women living independently are frequently involved in casual relationships or hookups.

"Staying alone as a single lady shows is a sign that you're IRRESPONSIBLE!!! You're just looking for FREEDOM to misbehave," her video caption read.

Netizens Reactions...

NENE said; "So as I Dey school I for just bring my parents follow body."

EmpressChiii_ said; "With all due respect aunty scaryf.. You're utterly spilling."

Barbie01章 said; "Make Government band you because what's the trash you are spilling."

PLT said; "It's that wrong message i'm trying to send to the men.."

Jewelry vendor in Warri said; "So I'm going to do my ppa in another state should I carry my father's house on my head there ????

Nechelove said; "shut up there very big Naive girl."

Sandra Sunday said; "Assistant Jesus keep ur advice not be Wetin Pple need now."

PEARL said; "So if I'm staying where is close to my work I should leave there and be spending 80% of my salary on transport because I should stay in my parent's house."

big mme said; "even those wey dey with parents dey do watin ashawo wey Don stand for road all her life never do,"

Fresh_Akara said; "She's actually right...I've met a couple of guys who had a problem with me staying alone in the same state where my parents live."

Chidimma said; "Na insecurity the worry them my dear..."

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