Lawyer Recounts Revenge on Lady Who Failed to Visit After Collecting N85K

Lawyer Recounts Revenge on Lady Who Failed to Visit After Collecting N85K

A practising lawyer has narrated how he got revenge after a lady collected N85K from him and never showed up at his house.

The lawyer with the handle, @Oluwanonso_Esq took to the microblogging platform X to narrate his story.

According to the lawyer, he met the lady on Twitter in 2017 and they connected in no time after he made his intentions known.

However, everything changed when he invited her to visit him twice, only to realise she only took his money and gave bogus excuses.

Read his post below:

"During my Law School, I sent money to a girl to visit me twice, but she didn't show up. I slid into her DM on Twitter and made my intentions clear to her. We flirted and later agreed to meet each other.

But she lived in Lagos and I was far away in NLS Kano at that time.

She then agreed to visit me in Asaba when I started my law school externship, because Asaba was closer to Lagos than Kano.

As soon as I arrived in Asaba for court externship, I sent her 30k for her tfare (to & fro). She was to spend the weekend with me. The Friday she was supposed to arrive in Asaba, her phone number wasn't going through. I called and texted all through but to no avail. Her phone was switched off and all my texts unreplied.

On Sunday evening, she called me and told me that she fainted on her way to the park. She said her neighbors had to rush her to the hospital on Friday but there was no money to admit her. They had to buy drugs from the pharmacy and get a drip. She sent me a photo of her with a drip on her arm.

As a nice guy, I told her not to worry, but get lots of rest. I asked her to use the 30k tfare to settle medical bills and even sent an additional 5k for her to get fruits. She was very grateful. We kept chatting everyday.

2 months later, just as my externship was rounding off, I asked her to visit me again, before I returned to Kano. She agreed.

The law firm where I did my externship paid me 50k cash for 6 weeks of externship. I deposited this entire sum into her account for tfare.

I asked her to use God is Good First Class Motors. She was happy, and promised to turn up no matter what happens.

That day, I waited and waited but she didn't show up. Her line was inactive. Her Twitter account was suddenly deactivated.

I was disappointed. I had been planning the different ways to handle her once she arrives. I wanted to cry. I would return to Kano with over-ripe konji.
Three days later, when I was already back to school in Kano, she called me and told me that she was sorry, that her sister died that morning so she couldn't come.

She told me that she was still grieving, so I should understand.
I told her that I thought she was an only child. So where is the dead sister coming from?

I even showed her a screenshot of our text where she mentioned she was an only child. I asked her to explain oh, or else I will call EFCC for this matter.
She quickly told me that she wasn't talking about her real sister oh. That the person that died was her cousin from her mother's side, but they were like sisters because she was always at their house. And she used my 50k to sort out mortuary bills.

I said okay oo, I understand. I focused on my studies because I wanted a first class at Law School. But she continued to chat and call me everyday.

After my graduation from Law School, I told her I got a job at an American Company in Abuja as an Associate. I showed her photos of my new duplex, huge flat screen TV, AC, and sleek interior. I also showed her a photo of the new company Car my boss gave to me because fine boy lawyer like me can't be entering public transport.

She was so impressed and congratulated me. She offered to come spend one whole week with me in Abuja. She told me not to worry, that she would stay at home and cook and clean when I go to work during the week.

I sent her 15k for bus fare and told her I would give her return fare to Lagos when she's leaving my place. On the day she was to come to Abuja, she called me early in the morning to update me before leaving the house. She called when she got to the park, when he bus left Lagos, when she was at Lokoja stopover.

She called when she arrived at the Park in Abuja. I told her to walk out of the park and take a bike to RainOil Petrol Station at Gwarinpa, where I would be waiting to pick her up with my car.

After getting off the phone with her, I switched off my phone, plugged it to charge, took off my shirt and slept off in front my fan. By the time I switched on my phone by 6PM, I saw 79 angry texts from her on Whatsapp, Twitter, and SMS.

I called her and as soon as she picked up, she started shouting at me, even before I had a chance to say anything. She said she was stranded on the road and had been calling me, that I knew she didn't have any money at all, not even her in her bank account, that she didn't like this, that I should quickly pick her up from the junction. I told her not to be angry, that I bashed someone's benz on my way to pick her up, and we've been at the mechanic shop since.

I told her that they seized my phone so I won't run away. That is why it was switched off. But it was all sorted out now because of my insurance.
I told her my car was still at the mechanic, but she should flag down a bikeman so I would give him directions to my house.

Immediately she hailed a bike and gave the man the phone, so I can direct him. I asked the bike rider to tell her to go home, that I didn't even know where Gwarinpa was in Abuja because I still live in Asaba.

I told him to tell her that however she manages to find her way home-that is if she finds her way home-I don't care. Then I switched my phone off and went back to sleep in front of my fan."

Lawyer Recounts Revenge on Lady Who Failed to Visit After Collecting N85K


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