Troops eliminate Shekau's top ally, Tahir Baga in Sambisa forest


The troops of Theatre Command, North East, 'Operation Hadin Kai' have successfully killed a top commander of the Jamā'at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da'wah wa'l-Jihād, otherwise known as Boko Haram, TAHtIR BAGA.

This great feet was achieved following continuation of troops' major offensive at terrorists enclaves in Sambisa Forest.

Sources revealed that Tahir was neutralized on May 13, 2024 when the troops unleashing the major operation codenamed: Operation Desert Sanity III, moved down terrorists' enclaves of Shababul Umma, Garin Panel Beater and Lagara Anguwan Gwaigwai right at the heart of the forest.

Intelligence sources and Zagazola Makama, a Counter Insurgency Expert and Security Analyst in the Lake Chad region also confirmed the incident to our Correspondent on Tuesday.

It was gathered that, in the course of the offensive, contact was made with the terrorists which led to the defeat of the terrorist top commander as well as some of his lieutenant while several others escaped with gunshots wounds.

"Tahir Baga, was a close Ally to Abubakar Shekau. He was among the first sets who founded the Boko Haram movement in Maiduguri before moving into Sambisa Forest with likes of Mamman Nur, Khalid Albarnawi, Abubakar Shekau, Kaka Ali, Mustapha Chad, Abu Maryam and Abu Krimima.

"Tahir Baga was a revered Imam who was respected among the Sect group. He had on several basis truncated efforts of many fighters and their families to surrender and has also pushed many under aged girls to go on suicide bombing after convincing that they will be granted paradise as everlasting reward." The source said.

The killing of Tahir Baga, is a major blow to the Boko Haram terrorists groups.

Another source said that "the neutralizing and sacking of terrorist communities, also led to the rescue of 14 persons comprising 4 women and 10 children from the terrorists captivity.

"The troops the firepower of the rampaging troops, fled in different directions, abandoning their weapons and other equipment.

"Among such weapons were a heap of bomb-making materials; 1 RPG 7 tube; Pkm 1X Rpg 7 tube, 1X ak47 rifle, 1 RPG Bomb, 1X RPG 7 Charger quantities of 97X 7.62MM Nato, quantities of 99X7.62 MMX 51MM, quantities 554X7.62 MM X 54 MM, 5, MCs, 2 bicycles, 3 mobile phones 11 magazines, 3 hand grenades 2 bandolier, one starlink WiFi system, 1 lithium inverter batteries of 100 AH, 1 solar inverter of 200 AH, 1 hand held patrol radio among others items were found in the terrorists enclaves."


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