'I'm suing FIFA' - Samson Siasia claims he has charged the football governing body to court for damaging his reputation

Samson Siasia has dropped a bombshell, announcing his decision to sue FIFA for tarnishing his name.

The former Super Eagles head coach was banned for five years following allegations of bribery.

The Super Eagles legend, renowned for his contributions to Nigerian football, revealed his legal move during a candid conversation, shedding light on his motivations and the upcoming legal battle.

Siasia seeking justice in Manhattan

During an interview, as reported on X, Siasia claimed that he has taken legal action against FIFA after he was handed a five-year ban.

Siasia said, "I filed a case in America. Now I'm having a hearing in January, you just sent me almost a week ago. I got hearings in January in Manhattan. Make sure you come, it's gonna be on the, is it 12th or 13th of January?

Samson Siasia former Super Eagles head coach -- Imago

"So I'm trying to seek for financial help and all that cause the dollar, the naira thing, you know, is just a killer. I've been, I'm talking to some people that, you know, quietly to see how they can help me. So it's gonna come up on the 12th in Manhattan."

Siasia disclosed the specifics of his legal proceedings, indicating that a hearing is scheduled for January in Manhattan.

Expressing the financial strain of the legal battle, he emphasized the importance of support from well-wishers to navigate the challenges posed by currency fluctuations.

FIFA (Football governing body) -- Imago

He continued, "This is me now suing FIFA because my lawyer said we need to get compensation for what they did to me. So he believes we can get it.

"If I'm not innocent, why would you want to be defending me? So as Nigeria don't want to do it, I have other countries that want to help me.

There's no proof to whatever they are doing. If there was anything like that, that there was money exchanging hands or whatever, they for don show us now."

Siasia has taken the football governing body head-on, challenging the allegations that have plagued him.


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