5 Secrets A Man Will Tell You If Only He Truly Loves You, Number 5 Is Very Sensitive


There are ways you can use to tell if your man truly loves you or not. He might do everything within his power to make you happy, still you don't know if he truly loves you. Here are some subtle signs to look out for as they serve as an indicator that he has real feelings for you.

Only a man who loves you can tell you these 5 secrets about himself. That is because, he trusts you completely and wants you by his side all the time. Below are 5 secrets a man will tell you if only he truly loves you.

1. The most embarrassing thing he has experienced.

Men are confidential when it comes to telling people the most embarrassing thing he has experienced. This is because, he doesn't want to be laughed at or make a fool of himself in front of others. The only person a man can share his most embarrassing experiences with is the person he loves and trusts. He will feel comfortable telling you because, he feels his secrets are safe with you and no matter what, you will love irrespective of what it is.

2. His greatest fear.

Everyone has that one thing that they are scared of. Most people think men are not afraid because they don't show it, but the truth is that a man always have that thing that makes him feel weak. It could be failure, facing large audience to talk, but to mention a few. If a man confides in you and talks about his worries and fears, it means that he really has feelings for you. He surely means business with you, because otherwise, he would not show his "weak side".

3. His dreams and heart desires.

Our failures aren't what makes us who we are, our dreams and desires too. Some of our dreams and heart desires are probably unrealistic, but no matter what we dream of, our dreams show who we really are. If a man shares his dreams and ambitions with you, regardless of how stupid and funny it might sound, it means he loves you so much and he knows you will understand where he is heading.

4. His weak points.

When a man reveals his weak point to you, he becomes vulnerable to you. Men dislike when they are vulnerable, especially when their ego is on the line. A man can only reveal his weak point to the woman he truly loves. He prefers to be vulnerable to her than other people.

5. His worst failures

Nobody is perfect. But men still try to present themselves in perfect light at the beginning of the relationship. He feels he wants to make a good first impression, hence, he won't tell you about his failures. But as the relationship progresses, he might find the courage to tell you. If he confides in you about his worst failures, you can also be sure that he really likes you and believes in your partnership.


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