Police set to dismiss two officers for extortion in Rivers

Police set to dismiss two officers for extortion in Rivers

The Rivers State Police Command has officially queried and recommended the dismissal of two officers involved in alleged extortion of $300.

Daubara Edonyabo and Talent Mungo, both Assistant Superintendents of Police attached to the Intelligence-Surveying Unit of the Rivers State Command, and Inspector Odeh Michael, were alleged to have impersonated and abducted Kalu Ibe-Nnana and Uwaka Anthony-Ifeanyi, and extorted $300 from them.

Police Public Relations Officer, SP Grace Iringe-Koko, in an update on the investigation into the extortion, said the Command is committed to transparency and accountability.

She explained that Inspector Michael Odey's case has progressed with the conclusion of Orderly Room Proceedings.

Iringe-Koko revealed that the recommendation has been forwarded to the Force Secretary for necessary action.

According to the Iringe-Koko, the three officers remain in custody as investigations continue into two additional cases of similar nature.

She said updates on the investigation will be provided in due course.

The Rivers State Police Command encouraged residents to promptly report any misconduct by law enforcement agents, with the assurance that all reports will be handled with the utmost importance, and appropriate actions taken to uphold fairness and justice.


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