WhatsApp will stop working on these devices in 2024: These are the affected phones

The operating system is the key


WhatsApp will cease working on a minimum of 35 different models and devices as the popular SMS platform becomes too modern for their dated operating systems, but which devices are affected? MARCA has you covered.

Since cell phones came to stay in people's daily lives, many applications have been designed to optimize their use. Of all the variety of tools offered by the new devices, instant messaging applications are the most in demand, replacing the service that until not so long ago was provided by SMS.

The WhatsApp application is compatible with almost all mobile devices, as well as useful for its features and the options it offers. However, if there is something that usually marks the 'expiration' of this type of service, it's the operating systems of the different mobile devices.

They tend to be updated periodically until they stop doing so in those devices of older age and the same will happen again in 2024 as the software evolves beyond the capacity of a string of different devices, affecting many users.

This means that, little by little, those devices with an obsolete operating system stop receiving application updates, since in order to install the new improvement packages it is necessary to have the operating system up to date.

At a certain point it is impossible, as they no longer continue to be designed for these devices, and therefore, several models of cell phones will lose the possibility of continuing to have the instant messaging application WhatsApp. Specifically, it will be those Android devices that have a version prior to 5.0, while on iPhone it will stop working on devices that have a version prior to iOS 12.

WhatsApp will stop working on these devices in 2024: These are the affected phones

Which devices will WhatsApp no longer work on?

Several specialized portals such as 20 bits have compiled which devices will no longer have the service.

Based on this information, here we leave a series of mobiles divided by brands in which it will no longer be possible to use the famous instant messaging application once it is updated.

Apple: any iPhone prior to the 6 series (including iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and SE).

Archos: Archos 53 Platinum model.

Huawei: Ascend D2, Ascend G740 and Ascend Mate models.

Lenovo: Lenovo A820.

LG: LG Enact and LG Lucid 2 models and several Optimus series devices (L3 II Dual, L5 II, F5, L3 II, L7II, L5 Dual, L7 Dual, F3, F3Q, L2 II, L4 II, F6 and F7).

Samsung: Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Core, Galaxy S3 mini, Galaxy Trend II, Galaxy X cover 2 and Galaxy Trend Lite.

Sony: Sony Xperia M.

Wiko: Wiko Cink Five and the Darknight.

ZTE: ZTE Grand Memo, ZTE Grand S Flex and ZTE V956 - UMI X2.


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