Dear Men, Here 3 Ways Some Women Will Test You To See If You Are A Mature Man



For this reason, many women believe that the majority of males lack the ability to manage their wrath. A lady could make you feel uncomfortable to gauge your response to a particular situation. Will it make you feel bad if she does that?

You will pass this test if you are able to control your wrath under any circumstances.

We may be familiar with the Abraham Lincoln proverb that "you can tell a man's greatness by what makes him angry."

The way you respond to the criticism will reveal how gentlemanly you are.

2. She'll be tricky to acquire.

If a woman sees no interest in you, she might Most of the time, avoid having too many conversations and meetings with each other. Because they want things to happen quickly, most guys struggle with this.

But you must realize that even though a woman may genuinely like you, she will play hard to get in order to test your persuasive skills.

3. The test of jealousy.

You shouldn't behave like a child since a woman can start paying attention to other men more than you and flirting with them more. You must display indifference in order to pass this test. Act as if you are not threatened by those other males. If you don't react adversely, she'll think highly of you.


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