Cholesterol: 10 Foods to Avoid for Heart Health


Cholesterol, a waxy substance found in cells, is crucial for bodily functions. However, an excess can led to health issues.

To proactively manage your cholesterol levels, steering clear of certain foods is imperative.

Simply put, Cholesterol management is pivotal for maintaining a healthy heart, especially in Nigeria where dietary habits often include rich, flavorful dishes.

Understanding which foods to avoid can significantly impact cholesterol levels and overall well-being.

Here are 10 common Nigerian foods that can contribute to high cholesterol and heart-related issues.

1. Saturated Fat Sources

Popular Nigerian dishes like fried plantains (dodo) and fried meats (suya) are delicious but often cooked in saturated fats, elevating LDL cholesterol. Opt for grilling or baking methods to reduce saturated fat intake.

2. Palm Oil

While palm oil is a staple in Nigerian cuisine, excessive consumption can lead to elevated cholesterol levels. Limit the use of palm oil in cooking and explore healthier alternatives like olive or sunflower oil.

3. Fatty Meat

Indulging in fatty cuts of meat such as beef and goat meat (asun) can raise cholesterol levels. Consider leaner cuts or incorporate more plant-based protein sources like beans and lentils into your meals.

4. Fried Snacks

Deep-fried snacks like puff-puff, a popular Nigerian street food, are high in trans fats. Enjoy them sparingly and opt for healthier snack options like roasted plantain chips or fruit salads.

5. Cassava Flour

Traditional Nigerian staples like fufu, made from cassava or yam flour, are carbohydrate-rich but lack fiber.

Pair fufu with fiber-rich vegetables or opt for smaller portions to balance your meal and manage cholesterol levels.

6. Suya Surprises

While suya, a spicy skewered meat dish, is a Nigerian favorite, it often contains high levels of saturated fats and sodium. Enjoy suya in moderation and balance it with grilled vegetables or salads.

7. Sardine Selection

Canned sardines, a convenient protein source, may contain high levels of salt and unhealthy fats. Choose low-sodium options and consume sardines in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

8. Noodles

Instant noodles like Indomie, while convenient, are highly processed and may contain unhealthy additives.

Limit consumption and opt for whole grain alternatives or homemade noodle dishes with fresh ingredients.

9. Meat Pie

Nigerian meat pies, though savory and satisfying, are often made with buttery pastry and fatty meat fillings.

Consider baking homemade meat pies using leaner meats and whole wheat pastry for a healthier twist.

Cholesterol: 10 Foods to Avoid for Heart Health

10. Sweets and Treats

Traditional Nigerian sweets like chin chin and buns are deep-fried and loaded with sugar, contributing to high cholesterol and weight gain.

Enjoy these treats occasionally and explore healthier dessert options like fruit salads or yogurt parfaits.

Making informed food choices is essential for managing cholesterol levels and promoting heart health in Nigeria.

By being mindful of the cholesterol content in traditional dishes and opting for healthier cooking methods and alternatives, you can enjoy the rich flavors of Nigerian cuisine while prioritizing your well-being.


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