A Lady Will Easily Develop Feelings For You, If You Start Showing Her These 6 Signs


If you want a lady to like you more, try these simple things.

1. Listen when she talks. Pay attention to what she says and show you care about her thoughts.

2. Be someone she can count on. If you say you'll do something, do it. Being reliable makes people feel safe and builds trust.

3. Support is also important. Be there for her when things are good or bad. Give encouragement and let her know you've got her back.

4. Share your feelings too. Open up about yourself, your fears, and dreams. This makes a connection stronger when both people can be real with each other.

5. A bit of gentle touch can say a lot. A touch on the arm or a hug can show warmth and closeness. But always be aware of how she feels about it and respect her boundaries.

6. give compliments. Tell her nice things about herself, not just about looks but also about her personality or achievements. Make sure your compliments are sincere.


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