These Are the Most Unforgettable Moments From the BBN All-Stars House (Videos)

These Are the Most Unforgettable Moments From the BBN All-Stars House (Videos)

From the parrot exposing everyone's secrets to the Ninjas pranking housemates, and even the incident where the girls were locked out of a Saturday night party because they were late, the BBN All-Stars House has gave us endless drama.

Here are some of our favourite moments.

The Millennial law vs. the Gen Z baddie

After Ilebaye spent weeks giving everybody gbas and collecting very minimal gbos in return, Cee-C decided to take it upon herself to set her straight and put an end to her shenanigans. Did it work? Yes. Did the both of them almost set BigGie's house on fire with their shouting and near-physical altercation? Definitely.

Neogel fight

It's ridiculous how quickly friendships can turn sour in Big Brother's house, it's also ridiculous how the men in the house think the women would cower during fights. After the parrot revealed Neo telling Doyin that Angel nominated her for eviction, Angel confronted Neo, and it led to a long fight that moved from the lounge to the locker room. If not for Soma, we're 98% sure it would've turned physical.

Pere vs Adekunle

This fight had many bangers. From Pere shouting, "You've been marked," to Adekunle and Venita shivering in fake fear after Pere slammed the table in anger, there's nothing we didn't see during this fight. As Pere tried his hardest to yell Big Brother's roof down, Adekunle showed him he was a worthy opponent by refusing to back down.

The revelation

Even Pere and Venita don't know what led to their fallout. All we know is they fought, and then right after, Venita walked up to the HOH lounge, went into the HOH room and revealed every single thing she knew about Pere. From his fake teeth to an alleged sugar mummy, there's nothing Venita did not reveal as she danced around the room.

Doyin against Ilebaye's enemies

Ike threw Ilebaye's clothes all over the bathroom floor because she was "disrespectful" to Seyi, and that on its own was dramatic, but what followed after Big Brother played the clip and exposed him as well as all the onlookers was epic. Doyin sat next to Ilebaye fuming and insulting every single person that was involved in the "wickedness", and even if all you did was look away as Ike scattered the clothes on the bathroom floor like Venita, you were not spared.

Tolani Baj, her comfort place and the Gen Z baddie

This season was Ilebaye's season, because baby girl was heavily involved in some of the most chaotic moments. Like this one where she crawled into bed with Neoenergy, and Tolani Baj ripped the covers off the both of them and cussed her out.

Doyin, Pere, and the hole in the wall

This fight started with the parrot running its mechanic mouth and ended with Pere's fist in Biggie's wall. Don't ask why Pere thought that was the way to work through his anger, all we know is Doyin called him a liar. Next thing you know, his fist was in the wall, and the male housemates were pulling him away from Doyin.

Pere, Alex, and the bed flip

Once again, Pere decided against normal reactions and dragged himself all the way to the extreme. What started as a light argument between Alex, Pere and Omashola, somehow ended with Pere storming out of the room, then right back in to flip the mattress while Alex was on it.

The near drowning experience

Every party day, we wait with bated breath for all the drama Biggie's children will unleash on us once the party's over, but on this blessed Thursday, we didn't have to wait. Alex, Doyin and Ike's night started with them together in the pool, but as the night progressed, Ike pulled Alex into the water. Almost drowning, she punched him, and the housemates turned against her in his defense.

Doyin clearing Venita

After spending her stay in Biggie's house in an intense battle with Venita, Doyin left the house a winner after she cleared Venita during the live eviction show, calling her out on her mean girl attitude and general bad behaviour.

The ninjas' comedy week prank

There's no way Biggie's favourite word isn't "freeze". Every season, he uses the word to get the housemates to pause whatever they're doing so he can either go on a break or get their fights to die down. This season, he used it to get his ninjas to spray whipped cream all over his children's body.

The Saturday night party lock in

After borderline begging the housemates to forget African time and show up early for everything, Biggie finally had enough of pleading with the people living and eating for free in his house and decided to lock them out of the party room.


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