Mercy Eke calls Kim Oprah 'fake housemate' to her face (Video)

Mercy Eke calls Kim Oprah 'fake housemate' to her face, she responds

BBNaija All Stars contestant, Mercy Eke openly expresses her belief that Kim Oprah is a fake housemate in the competition and is not vying for the prize money like the rest of them.

After completing their task on Wednesday, Mercy confronted Kim Oprah, who is, in fact, a house guest about her suspicion.

She voiced her doubts that both Kim and Omashola are not authentic housemates in the competition.

"I still feel like you guys are fake housemates with the way things played out on Sunday."Even during the first nomination, it was like a compulsory thing to put you guys up. It was a specific order to put one of you, new housemates up."So honestly right now I think you're fake. And that actually changed my game, in fact let me tell you before you go outside and see it, I put you up," she said.

Kim Oprah

Kim Oprah, however, responded by stating that the massive eviction on Sunday night ratted them out and was rather unfair.

"I actually spoke to biggie in my diary session that he just put a target on our backs and that was not necessary

"I don't know about Prince, I can't speak for him but for Lucy, it's very possible, she was just here for 2 weeks. How many fans do you think she'd have gathered to vote against Pere and Adekunle that were in the top 5?" she emphasized.

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