Al Hilal's Star Striker Neymar Creates Buzz Among Fans by Hanging Out with Furia CS: GO Team

Al Hilal's Star Striker Neymar Creates Buzz Among Fans by Hanging Out with Furia CS: GO Team

Popular forward soccer star Neymar Jr has been ruling the headlines for the past few days. Since the official confirmation of his transfer to Al Hilal, there has been a lot of talk about the Brazilian champion. But with the latest viral picture it seems like the athlete is in fun mode as he was spotted hanging out with a CS: GO organization.

If you're a Neymar fan, you might already be aware of his love for CS: GO. For context, the soccer star is an avid CS: GO player. Just like his on-field record, the athlete has dominated the virtual battleground of Counter-Strike. The player also likes to stay in touch with a lot of giant names from the CS: GO streaming community. Well, once again the champion was spotted with the "OG" Counter-Strike lovers.

Neymar and his love for CS: GO is never-ending!

Neymar has been streaming his CS: GO adventures on various platforms like Twitch and Facebook. No surprise, the champion has shown exceptional evolution as an eSports pro. Moreover, the latter has frequently expressed his love for the game and CS: GO-related tournaments. He has found himself back in the news after dropping a staggering 47 kills in one of his FACEIT bouts. The game, which was played in Mirage, was won by Neymar and his side 16-13.

The picture immediately started trending on social media after hitting the internet. A user shared the picture on X, grabbing massive community attention. Here's the tweet. The soccer pro frequently invites players on his stream, including ZywOo, shox, and Yuurih. And who can forget his meet-up with S1mple? In another similar episode, he's seen catching up with the infamous eSports organization Furia.

This isn't the first time we see Neymar's love for Furia publically. As the soccer legend closely follows all the CS: GO tournaments, he has an obvious favorite pick. It's none other than the Brazilian eSports organization Furia.

Earlier there were even reports of Neymar planning to have a stake in the ownership. While these speculations turned out to be incorrect, Neymar has always publicly extended his support to the team. He is also friends with the owners of the organization.

While the Brazilian forward is set to embark on a new journey in his on-field career, he doesn't seem to be moving on from his love for CS: GO soon. Well, we as eSports lovers would pray that the champion keeps on ruling the virtual industry as well.


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