How to Download Real V3.7.0 2go for Blackberry Device

How to Download Real V3.7.0 2go for Blackberry Device

You can now download the latest 2go app for your Blackberry device but if you do not want to download 2go version 3.6.o then this one is a perfect match for you.

This works onQwerty keypad phones as well as blackberry phones, IPod’s, Iphone and Symbian phones. Just note that any phone that has Querty key pads to note that this is a good version of 2O for you because am currently using one now and it is the best app for 2go in my phone.

I can testify that it works for me then what about you, after downloading this app then you can be a living testimony to others.

I bet you might have heard of the 2go that came out last year as it carries BBM And Whatsapp feature and that receives Message Notification Even When You Are Offline.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD 2GO V3.7 For Your Blackberry Device

[NOTE: This is for those of you already using the old version]

You can download the app at or or to download your 2go mobile chat.

Just follow this below steps and watch yourself using 2go v2.7.0. But you won’t download the app again but instead you will upgrade it.

How to Download Real  V3.7.0 2go for Blackberry  Device

1.Firstly, go to your 2go app area but do not launch the app.

2.Now just Click on Option ' >Update Version

3.Then this will carry you to the page where you first downloaded the app and then at that page it will update your version to 3.7.5.

4.After that justdownload and launch 2go v3.7.

5.When you're online with the new version , you would receive a popup to download'Notification Enabler'which is about626KB.

6.All you need to do is download it.You would receive messages when you're offline but you would need to go online before u can reply.
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