For men: 5 simple tips to arouse a woman

Though it may seem easy, truth is, very few men are able to arouse women.

For men: 5 simple tips to arouse a woman

Arousing a woman is not something random that you do with little effort. It's an art in itself and only real men realise this.

It is important for couples to look for ways to play around in their sexual life to avoid getting monotonous in bed.

So men, if you are looking for some sexy and kinky ideas to arouse your woman, here are some pretty cool ways:

  • Make her feel special

If you think instant dirty talking will help, you need some learning. Dirty talking can surely help, but you shouldn't begin with it as your first move. The best way to make a woman feel aroused is by making them feel special. How do you do that? Well, for starters, you show her that you're different from the rest of the men out there. You pay attention to her personality and not her looks. A woman needs to be heard and cared for, she wants to know you're making an effort.

  • Respect her

Women are not objects that you can turn on any time you want. A woman should be respected in all ways. She needs to know that she is seen and heard. You need to allow yourself to get vulnerable in front of her. Don't ever let her feel that she's a nobody to you.

  • Flirt, be spontaneous and gentle

Flirt with her, be spontaneous, but most importantly, be gentle with her. Don't show off your masculinity or brag about your achievements. Sure, you can mention certain things that you are really proud of, but don't let that be the main topic of discussion. If you want to make a woman feel aroused, you need to make an effort at observing her body language and listen to her. This will help you be one step ahead of the game.

  • Make connection

Women are unable to make themselves horny just with physical appearance. A man needs to establish an emotional connection with a woman, otherwise, he won't succeed in turning her on. Allow the woman to express herself, listen to her carefully and reciprocate. It's about stimulating a woman's mind instead of her body. Doing this indirectly stimulates her body as it is really hard for a woman to experience arousal without feeling an emotional connection.

  • Court her

Courting in modern-time means talking about the things that you can do for a woman regardless of your bank account, social status, etc. It's about the little things that mean a lot to a woman. You need to treat her like your friend first, invest time in getting to know her better. Ask her meaningful questions and delve into deep conversations instead of small talk.


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