5 signs you are in a healthy relationship and you might have found the one

What are the signs you are in a healthy relationship?

5 signs you are in a healthy relationship and you might have found the one

Here's how to know you are in a healthy relationship [istockphoto]

You might want to know if your relationship is a healthy or toxic one. Should you continue dating? or should you break up? Are your experiences normal or abnormal? If you have some questions about the person you are dating, here's how to know if they are right for you.

1. You love how the relationship is and not what it could be

If you don't love them or the relationship as it is, it might be a sign that you are not in a healthy relationship. Is there cheating, arguments, fights, lying? Do you find how they do some mundane tasks irritating?

Many times, you might find yourself in love with the idea of a relationship or a person and not who they are or what the relationship is. Think about it, is the relationship as it is what you want? Is your boyfriend or girlfriend the kind of person you like and want to be with?

Remove all the fantasy thinking of what he or she could be like or what you want and see them as they are.

2. Conflicts are constructive and not destructive

When two people come together, they don't magically agree on every single thing. However, when you argue, fight or disagree, is the default response from both parties to burn the relationship to the ground, or you both are looking for ways to understand each other and work the issue out?

3. They make you feel loved

You must know and be assured of the love of your partner. You don't need any other proof, they have assured you with words and actions of their love and commitment. If they act cold, lukewarm, distant, mean and silent towards you, that's a big red flag no matter what they say.

4. You are yourself around them

If they are always complaining about how you are, it's often a sign you are not meant to be in the relationship. They don't like how you do so many things and they always complain about it.

One of the signs your relationship is healthy is that you feel accepted. You are your true self when you are with them and they love you for who you are. Of course, no one is perfect and we are all growing and changing.

5. They allow you to have a life outside your relationship

One person cannot make you happy all the time, they can't be your sole source of happiness and let's face it, no one should want to be. If they don't want you to have other friends or hang out with your family members, that's a glaring sign they are not the one for you.


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