How often should you make love to your mate for a happy relationship?

There is a science to everything, even the minimum amount of sex you should have with your mate so that she doesn't leave you for the neighborhood rolex guy.

How often should you make love to your mate for a happy relationship?

Physical intimacy

Have you ever wondered if you are getting enough sex from your person? Apparently, you aren't alone. Many couples have this question and even more ask themselves, especially those planning to get married, about how many times they should have sex for not to look like non-performers or be accused of starving their mate.

How often should you make love to your mate for a happy relationship?

Average routine

It goes without saying that a physically compatible couple is happier and more lively than a couple that doesn't get enough physical intimacy.

However, to understand how often one should have sex with one's partner, there is a scientific way of find the truth.

A recent study came down to the minimum number of times a happy couple should get physically intimate. The study found that different age groups require different sex routines, but all the same, the findings were nothing short of shocking.

According to the study, a couple should get intimate around 51 times a year. This amounts to having sex just once a week on average for the couple to keep their relationship happy and interesting.

Here is a breakup of the physical intimacy routine in the different age groups:

  1. People in their 20s should indulge in physical intimacy 80 times in one year (less than two times a week.)

  2. People above the 20s should indulge in physical intimacy 58 times a year (once a week).

  3. Those above 50-years of age should consider it around 20 times a year.

  4. If you demand sex every single night, you are a sex addict.

  5. Number 4 is not part of the list, but makes sense, right?

What about sex on a daily?

Well, doing it more than once a week, doesn't really make the couples any extra happier, according to the study. Experts have said that the number of times doesn't matter, what really matters is the quality of the sex itself. In an interview, an expert said that it is important to maintain an intimate connection with your partner, but you don't need to get physically intimate every day as long as you're maintaining that connection.

So, yeah, you aren't starving him. He's just crazy.


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