Miraculous! Read How a Deadly Snake Rescued Woman from Her Abductors at Night

Miraculous! Read How a Deadly Snake Rescued Woman from Her Abductors at Night

A 29-year-old woman identified as Tarisai Musandidaro from Birchenough Bridge in Zimbabwe, has every reason to thank God for being alive and free.

According to The Manica Post, the woman was kidnapped by four unknown people upon boarding their vehicle and was subsequently driven to a bushy area where they wanted to kill her, however, she was saved after a deadly snake bit one of the kidnappers.

Tarisai Musandidaro counts herself lucky following the kidnapping incident that happened recently. She revealed that the incident is nothing short of a miracle.

Although Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa, was not sure about the identity of the creature that attacked the kidnappers, those privy to the case said it was a snake.

"It is said that on the day in question at around 9pm, the complainant boarded a commuter omnibus a Hot Springs travelling to Birchenough Bridge. She disembarked at Chipinge Turn-off along the Mutare-Masvingo Highway and waited for another lift to take her across the bridge.

"She boarded a black sedan car which had four occupants on board. They were three female occupants and a man on the steering wheel. Upon approaching the Redstar Turn-off, the woman told the driver that she had reached her destination. The driver did not stop, but accelerated the vehicle towards Masvingo," said Insp Kakohwa.

At that moment, the other three occupants allegedly grabbed the woman.

The vehicle turned into Birchenough Bridge-Murambinda Road and stopped after driving for a distance.

"They stopped at a bushy area and disembarked from the vehicle. The kidnappers dragged the woman into the bush. However, one of the kidnappers was bitten by a snake in the darkness. She screamed for help, resulting in her colleagues abandoning Musandidaro and shifted their attention to their injured colleague. At this point, Musandidaro ran away and hid in the bush. She spent the whole night hiding in the bush," he said.

The following morning she made a police report.

"No arrests have been made so far and we are still investigating the matter," said Insp Kakohwa.


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