Woman Turns Into Snake During S*x With Lover In Eket Hotel, Akwa Ibom

Woman Turns Into Snake During S*x With Lover In Eket Hotel, Akwa Ibom

A strange sight was witnessed in Akwa Ibom State where a woman allegedly turned into a snake during s*x with her lover in a hotel.

The story of how a woman turned into a snake while having s*x with a man inside a hotel room in Eket, Akwa Ibom State, may sound strange and rather out of this world, but a journalist based in the state, Chris Udoh, swore that it happened in real life and he was a witness to it.

According to what he reported, the middle-aged man had taken the lady he met along a road in the town, to a hotel to have s*x with her in the hotel but he met the shock of his life when the woman allegedly turned into a mammoth reptile.

Read Udoh's story here:
"The incident took place on Friday when the man took the lady to a three Star hotel in Eket metropolis (name of hotel withheld).

The man checked in with the light complexion woman apparently in her mid-thirties to have a nice time but it turned out to be his worse nightmare.

Upon arriving the hotel, the pair sat at the bush bar and ordered for fresh fish pepper soup. According to the man, the lady opted for just drinks as she told him that she doesn't eat sea foods. Instead, she opted for a bottle of red wine.

After having few bottles of drinks, the couple retired to their room. While in there, the man said he observed that she took so much time in the rest room which warranted him to knock on the door frequently, but she kept answering that she will soon be through.

According to the man, when she finally came out, she told him not to touch her head while they made love, telling him that she had a severe headache and suggested that the red wine may have caused it.

The man said that when they started having s*x, the lady started wriggling her body on the bed like a snake but he admitted that he didn't give serious thought to it 'as he was enjoying the action.'

The man who is in his mid-forties, said as soon as he had his orgasm and got up from her body, he noticed that her entire body was fast changing to a snake.

He said he was overwhelmed by fear and jumped out of the room Unclad and raised an alarm which attracted both the hotel managers and others patrons to rush to his room.

When the management of the hotel made their way into the room, the lady was still half snake and half human, wriggling on the bed, but the hotel manager quickly rushed out to inform the police."

"They fastened the lock on the door of the room and instructed every one to keep off. Upon return, the lady had disappeared.

The management handed over the man who brought the lady to their facility to the police from the Ukwa Police Division."


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