Chelsea deal blow is a 'big issue' for Premier League clubs - Stefan Borson

Premier League clubs are facing a "big issue" after Crystal Palace became the latest side to agree a front-of-shirt sponsorship deal with a betting company.

That is the view of finance expert Stefan Borson, who exclusively told Football Insider there are doubts over which companies will fill the void once the ban on gambling firms sponsoring front of shirts comes into force at the start of the 2026-27 season.

Premier League clubs collectively agreed to withdraw from gambling sponsorships on matchday shirts last year.

Seven top-flight sides were sponsored by betting companies last season, including Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Brentford, Burnley, Everton, Fulham and West Ham.

Crystal Palace became the latest club to sign up to a front-of-shirt deal with a gambling firm after agreeing a two-year deal with Vietnamese company NET88.

Premier League sponsorship issue emerges after Crystal Palace deal

Borson questioned how many non-gambling companies are going to spend millions on sponsoring Premier League sides once the ban comes into force in two years.

"It's a market issue why clubs are still striking these deals," Borson told Football Insider.

"They don't set out to find a betting sponsor.

"All clubs would like a blue chip, long-term deal. But they are not there.

"The big question is, why are they not there and how much of an issue is it for the game?

"When five, six or seven sponsors are not going to be there when the ban comes in, which companies are going to fill that gap?

Chelsea deal blow is a 'big issue' for Premier League clubs - Stefan Borson


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