Touching moment as Nigerian British Army officer marches home after mother's death

Touching moment as Nigerian British Army officer marches home after mother's death

A Nigerian British army officer has sparked conversation by returning home after losing his mother, as seen in a touching video where he salutes her grave.

This was revealed in a new video that is gaining popularity on a popular social media platform.

Touching moment as Nigerian British Army officer marches home after mother's death

In the video, the Nigerian British army officer can be seen entering the gate in grand style, marching gallantly before reaching the front of his house to salute his father.

After saluting his father, he turned towards his mother's grave, presented flowers, and saluted again.

Once finished, he circled around and lay flat to greet his father before heading inside.

The video captures the moment when the officer almost burst into tears after greeting his father, immediately covering his eyes as he entered the house.

The event depicted in the video has attracted the attention of many viewers, who have flooded the comment section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

AZ Global Autos: "soldier cry enter house lowkey mother love is powerful."

Herdayniyi_alade: "Yoruba has the best culture 💯."

S.Ajiboye_Furniture: "gallant man no dey cry."

Future: "one of the things about japa no one will tell you. you might not meet everyone complete at home😭😭 may God help us and keep our family alive."

funnygaloreclips: "Yoruba Blood 💯 We are know for Honor 🥰."

Babyface: "i almost cried 😒 we go looking for a better life for us and our family and we end up losing Dem."

elizabethadeyem33: "so touching can't stop crying it's just unfortunate. may mama soul rest in peace."

Ⓜ️🇺🇸🇬🇭: "I started crying after seeing this video . God please let my mother live long, She needs to see the millionaire life about to put n already started . Amen 🙏🏻."

Veracruz: "may God grant you the fortitude to bear the sad loss,this is emotional."

user1882686773888: "I cried and i remember my mother as well ...May her Soul Rest in Perfect Peace."

ladeomoegba: "How I wish he met his mother Alive😫dat woman would have been d most happiest soul dat day💔."

Divergent Fred: "am outside and am crying God help us all.."

mohammedaliyuidri: "sorry for ur lost brother i truly feel ur pains may her soul rest in peace."

HOT & COLD: "his my mother die no time for him to go and see her before she was buried, someone is telling to take my child bo ko jor."

savage: "in Africa we don't do that bullshit morn your mom if you know you miss her, what's all that for?."

hardheyemioluwa: "Even if na general to the army he must prostrate 😭 I love my culture and my culture loves me 🥰."

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Touching moment a Nigerian British army officer returned home after losing his mom.

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