Photographer in trouble after discovering camera failed to record wedding moments

Photographer lands in trouble as he discovers after the wedding that his camera failed to record anything during the event, for which he was paid to cover.

The incident was shared on the Facebook platform by a netizen known as Oluwanishola Akeju who shared the experience from a friend.

Photographer in trouble after discovering camera failed to record wedding moments

According to him, the photographer was paid the sum of N450K to cover the wedding event.

On the day of the ceremony, he had arrived at the venue, doing his job and covering the event,

Unfortunately for him, after the wedding, he discovered that he never pressed the 'record' button and this got the couple very upset.

It was gathered that the couple got him arrested, and requested that he refund them their cash.

"I apologize to this person for sharing his experience here but I think I want others too to learn.
So this guy sent me a message. A photographer. He was paid to cover for a wedding. He went to the wedding. And was everywhere covering. Wedding ended, then he checked his camera only to see that he never pressed the record button.
The couples had arrested him and has been given the ultimatum of Wednesday to refund them. So he approached me to lend him the sum of N450,000.
I have told him I don't have that kind of money to borrow him.
I gave him what I can afford as gift.
Photographers in the house, have you experienced this before? Or have a photographer done this to you before?," the Oluwanishola Akeju wrote.

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Francis Tansi Okoye said: "I'm a photographer. It's very possible. Just last week at an event my other colleague thought he was recording only to realize he didn't press the record button. Luckily he realized early. Buh how possible he wasn't able to record any clips. Because videos are recorded clips by clips."

Samuel Dosunmu said: "It is possible he misses some moments in the event but not covering anything at all is greatest fallacy of all time, it can never happen unless he is under a spell from village people."

Joy Oha said: "He didn't pause at any moment? He didn't stop at any moment? The entire thing was lost? He never wan talk true."

Timothy Chimene Chizybrown said: "The young man is careless and not intentional toward his job. I guess nah nyash distract am."

Joy Shodunke said: "Hmmmmm this matter long oo Oluwanishola Akeju . Do you know that till date I do not have wedding pictures or my wedding video? The only pics I could get was from a neighbor (photographer) who my mum paid to snap for her on that day. After 12 years. No money no pics..... So it's possible."

Aanu Fabusuyi Obembe said: "I had similar experience during my church wedding. My family photographer was just all over the hall snapping invisible photos . Thank God hubby's family brought theirs if not........, ehhhnnnnn."

Hrh Brume said: "Lol... "I think the person won scam you... I'm not a photographer, but I'm very sure the possibility of occurrence of a situation like this is around 0.00001%."

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Photographer in trouble after discovering camera failed to record wedding moments


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